Is Direct Mail Marketing Dead

Are you a part of the 33 percent who find direct mail to be the most efficient method of remembering a product? And how about the 79 percent of consumers who’ll immediately act on direct mail? Or perhaps you are a part of the 74 percent of consumers who cannot wait to discover what is inside their letter box? If the answer is yes, no doubt you already are aware that direct mail is very far from dead.

With consumers online having the attention span of around 8 seconds, the landscape online exploding into a battle of the brands, as well as email marketing not hitting targets for most companies around the country, it might be time to think about bringing back direct mail marketing back to the fold of your marketing strategy.

If you are still skeptical of the results that direct mail may harness, below are 5 reasons why direct mail is still alive.

Direct Mail is Tangible

Is there a method of marketing which provides a more tangible option than direct mail? With the present generation overwhelmed with PPC, remarketing and video ads every time they touch a screen; direct mail will offer you an opportunity to get something real to the hands of your targeted audience and create a connection which simply is not the same with email or additional advertisements online. Also, as the audience opens a direct mail piece, research shows they’re more likely to take some time to glance over the offer than they might, compared to email marketing.

Direct Mail will take Personalization to a Whole New Level

While a part of marketing includes your capability of clearly communicating your message the other part is about building up relationships with customers. What’s the key to building up relationships? Being personal and showing you understand and know your customer. The results may also be staggering. Research showed that utilizing personalized direct mail as a portion of a broader digital strategy may see response rates for campaigns reach greater than 20 percent. You will not discover those figures with Internet marketing.

Direct Mail is the King of Brand Awareness

With about 81 percent of businesses using social media in order to build awareness around their brand you can’t be blamed for searching further afield than Facebook for your building brand strategies. As direct mail also is a competitive discipline, there’s less direct mail going out now than ever in history and with almost 80% of people stating they’ll open all of their postal mail (which includes the so-called ‘junk mail’) you may be pretty certain that your message is going to wind up with the proper eyes on it, as well as less competition along with it.

Direct Mail Will Complement your Digital Strategy

As some find it useful to receive offers after they have abandoned a basket, other ones won’t receive these emails or find it very creepy. ‘How on earth did they get my email address?!’ As I am certain some will feel the same upon receiving a direct mail piece, research has proven that direct mail that is sent inside of 24 hours of an abandoned Internet basket may have a conversion rate of more than 40 percent and will outperform email by 16 percent. Multimedia marketing’s results may be seriously impressive. Direct mail may play a key role in reaching specific customers off of the Internet who refuse to be contacted on the Internet.

Direct Mail is Open to All Audiences

Alright, so while my Grandfather might be tech savvy recent studies show that 41 percent of individuals aged 65 years and up don’t use the Web, whatsoever. For marketers, that is a big part that can’t be targeted using email, social media or PPC. Direct mail permits you to keep all offers open to all audiences instead of merely the majority who fit your strategy online.

Direct Mail Permits Creativity

Forget the pamphlet, catalogue or postcard, direct mail campaigns of 2017 all are about getting creative and generating something your customers can’t resist. From businesses utilizing Game of Thrones to improve on campaigns to British Gas delivery brews to companies around the country, direct mail permits for a plethora of tangible creativity which just does not exist on the Internet.

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