Most Popular Types of Automotive Direct Mail

One simple, but effective method of reaching potential customers is through automotive direct mail. Individuals still check their mailbox on a daily basis, and it always is great to see a bit of a surprise in there.  Also, you never know who may be on the lookout for an excellent mechanic or in the market to put some new tires on a car.  If you have any deals, you may include a few of them on your piece of mail so you can highlight your business and allow people to know why they ought to select you over the competition.

What are the best benefits?

Not only might you reach hundreds of possible customers with direct mailing you know they’ll see, yet you also can feel comfortable when you select a business which also provides a multitude of benefits for you.  They may include flat rate pricing without any contracts to be concerned with, free month end reporting, free design services, and so much more.

Direct mail really can assist in boosting your numbers by proving to consumers what you’re able to offer them and drive business to your location.  Even if potential customers do not currently need vehicle repair, they might tuck away your mailing or postcard for a later time.  One marketing postcard may linger for as long as needed only to ultimately lead to a sale.  It is a win-win situation for everyone!

Direct mail continuously is a versatile and popular strategy for marketing. Even in the era of technology, direct mail will still comprise a crucial element of any cohesive campaign for marketing. With the various types of available direct mail,  companies are able to specifically tailor every direct mail campaign for all purposes and audiences.
Here is the key to a successful strategy: choose the proper format for every element of a marketing campaign. Various formats will lend themselves to specific functions. Five kinds of direct mail may be utilized to address pretty much any marketing need.


Simple and cost-effective, postcards are better for clear, brief messages. They’ll work well for thank-you’s, special offers and reminders. Postcards are a great method of contacting present customers who already have knowledge about an organization’s services and products.


They’re brochures which fold into themselves and remain closed using an adhesive tab. Self-mailers will make outstanding introductions for potential customers, because they may be full-color, as well as include complete details regarding the company. Even though they’re pricier than postcards, they’ll carry more information, and don’t require an outside envelope.


Under circumstances in which order forms or confidentiality are necessary, the traditional letter often is the better choice. The letter may be a portion of a comprehensive mailing package which includes reply mail, brochures or business cards, for a polished and professional presentation. Since letters will require separate envelopes and postage, they’re better for existing customers or targeted audiences.

Dimensional Mailers

One step up from brochures or letters, dimensional mailers look upscale and fresh. For high-level B2B contacts, a dimensional mailer is a compelling choice. Dimensional mailers may be utilized to offer a concise and unique overview of an organization.


To highlight a broad array of products, catalogs include the obvious option. The higher price of generating quality catalogs will mean that it’s better to send them to highly targeted prospects and current customers. Catalogs provide an excellent opportunity for cross selling, as customers can check out not just the types of products they initially bought, but additionally new or related ones.

The layout and design of direct mail provides countless choices, and a professional can assist on tailoring mailing materials that meet each organization’s needs, as well as maximize the impact upon mail recipients. Irrespective of which format of direct mail is used, it’s vital to always to include these elements: contact information and a call to action. A call to action welcomes mail recipients to act upon the details they’ve just read, and contact details offer them the tools needed to follow through on this call to action.

Eventually a well-crafted campaign is an important cornerstone of any strategy for marketing. It’ll reach prospects and customers in their homes, build brand awareness, and convey a well-targeted message.

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