Direct Mail When Measuring Response Rate

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More often than not, the unconventional is more likely to catch our attention. Think about it: while you’re sorting through the day’s mail, what are the objects that are most likely to pique your curiosity—a simple postcard or something a little more unique, like a small 3-dimensional box?

Well, if you’re like most consumers, the latter is what you’ll be tempted to open first. This typical scenario brings us to our main question—does the size of direct mail really affect the response rate your dealership receives to your automotive marketing campaign?

In short, yes. However, there are various reasons why that’s the case. Ready to learn what they are? The auto direct mail professionals at Aspen Automotive are here to give you the lowdown on why size is so important for your direct mail response rate. Let’s get started!

Automotive Direct Mail Size: Does it Really Have an Impact?

Automotive Direct MailAs we mentioned above, yes, the size of your dealership’s automotive direct mailer does have a measurable effect on the overall response rate of your campaign.

Consider this statistic: According to Hubspot, “Oversized envelopes have the highest response rate (5%), followed by postcards (4.25%), dimensional mail or anything more than 0.75 inches thick (4%), and catalogs (3.9%).”1

Why do oversized, automotive direct mailers have such an obvious effect on their recipients? When your customers receive something unexpected and unique in their mailbox, curiosity takes over and pushes them to tear open the envelope to see what’s inside.

Ultimately, this technique gets more eyes on your dealership’s offer, which only improves your automotive direct mail campaign’s response rate.

However, despite the proven success of oversized envelopes and larger direct mail pieces, there’s still something to be said for mailers of different shapes and sizes.

Not only can you have an impact on your potential leads with materials that are smaller than your average letter-sized envelope but different dimensions (think 3D) can also have just as lasting of an impact as oversized, automotive direct mailers.

Direct Mail Techniques: How to Make Your Dealership Stand Out

Direct Mail Advertising  You want to draw more business through the doors of your showroom, right? Well, the best way to do that is by employing creative, automotive direct mail techniques that captivate your targeted audience.

Luckily, we have a few steps that you can follow to ensure that each of your automotive marketing strategies earns your dealership a solid response rate.

Add Some Interest

It’s much easier for your leads to gloss over your direct mailer when it’s shaped like every other piece of mail that they receive. To capture their attention, switch up your dealership’s automotive direct mail format by sending them a small 3-dimensional box that contains a branded keychain, magnet, or decal.

Looking to stay within the dimensions of a postcard mailers? If so, include a pop-up component on the mailer that encourages your consumers to engage with the advertisement. The more engagement from your customers, the better your return on investment and response rate.

Make It Simple

QR CodeIn addition, you want to create a direct mailer that’s easy to understand. So, once your leads open your dealership’s oversized envelope or pop-up card, they should be able to easily understand how to take advantage of the incentive that you’re offering them. That way, they’ll be more likely to use their QR or coupon code at your automotive dealership.

Create Compelling Copy

The copy you include on your direct mailer is just as likely to push your buyers to opt into your offer as the format that you choose. Instead of crafting the usual message that you include on all of your automotive advertisements, consider making the language punchier and more direct. Plus, a clear call-to-action is always a valuable component of any direct mailer, no matter what the format may be.

Automotive Direct Mail Response Rate: Test Your Techniques

To get a sense of how your targeted audience will respond to your newfound advertising strategies, you’ll want to run an A/B test.

In short, A/B tests allow you to send a small sample of your customers two nearly identical mailers that feature a slight variation in terms of language, format, images, and more.

Once the automotive direct mailers are sent and you begin receiving responses, you can evaluate the differences in response rates between the two different mailers. As a result, your dealership’s team can measure the effects that direct mail size variations have on your targeted audience.

Learn More About How to Improve Your Automotive Direct Mail Response Rate Today!

At Aspen Automotive, your dealership’s brand authority and direct mail response rates are just two of the many priorities of our team of creative geniuses.

With the assistance of our team and our cutting-edge approach to automotive direct mail, you’ll watch those response rates climb with every new automotive direct mail campaign you roll out. Explore your direct mail format options by giving us a call or sending us an email today!