How to Perform Audience Research for Automotive Direct Mail Marketing

Marketing Research

Proper audience research is the key to an effective automotive direct mail campaign. With the level of personalization incorporated into marketing strategies these days, audience targeting governs every stage of your advertising efforts.

However, it helps to know more about how to set up a thorough audience research process that ensures that you’re taking every aspect of your customers into account.

Luckily, the marketing professionals at Aspen Automotive are here to guide you along the various stages of choosing audience segments that will determine the trajectory of your auto marketing campaign. As a result of our research insights, you’ll start seeing your dealership’s ROI and conversion rates climb.

1. Dive into the Data

Target Audience Just as personalization is the foundation of a successful automotive direct mail campaign, clean data is the cornerstone of a well-defined target audience. Well, the best way to do that is by tapping into a system of data-mining solutions that provide you with more information on your leads.

That’s why Aspen’s data team uses a set of advanced databases, such as Aspen SureDrive Data, to home in on not only the demographics of your consumers but also their lifestyles, purchasing habits, needs, and desires.

For instance, Aspen SureDrive Data identified the specific make, model, year, auto style, purchase date, and purchase type of each lead’s vehicle. The result? An automotive direct mail approach that’s tailored to the preferences of specific subsets of your audience.

Once you’ve rounded up enough data, narrow down your buyers by defining a few parameters, including:

  • Geographic location
  • Age range
  • Household income
  • Occupation
  • Interests and more

Voila! You’ve managed to whittle down your leads into unique audience segments that will help your team determine the look and feel of your direct mailers.

2.Consider Your Offer

While audience segments are the guiding light of your campaign’s final message, graphics, and other details, you also want to consider the actual offer, coupon, or discount code featured on your dealership’s direct mailer.

Is the service you’re selling best suited for truck owners? Are you advertising a new SUV model that would be best for road-tripping families? These are all questions that you and your team should be asking yourselves while building your targeted audience.

In addition, it’s important to analyze the results some of your most successful advertising campaigns that you’ve rolled out in the past.

What types of individuals responded to that direct mailer? Do they seem like buyers who would also be interested in your dealership’s upcoming offer? That way, you can mimic the design choices and messages included in that strategy.

3. Turn to Social Media

Social Media Marketing Some of the best sources from which to collect information on your targeted audience are your dealership’s social media accounts. That’s right! Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more actually track visitor interactions and data that you can use during the audience research and segmentation process.

Some of the details to keep track of while gathering data are:

  • Who your customers follow
  • What they say about you
  • Where they get their information
  • What they’re sharing

From there, you can more effectively target specific subsets of your audience who will benefit most from your dealership’s offer.

4.Send Out Surveys

If you’ve narrowed down your audience segment to a reasonable size but still want to get more specific, it’s time to think about creating a survey for the individuals included in your targeted audience.

By allowing your customers to provide you with detailed information, you can further enhance your audience segmentation efforts and ensure that your dealership’s direct mailers are only being sent to the recipients who would be most interested in engaging with your offer.

While creating the questions for your survey, be sure to include questions that evaluate your audience’s goals, automotive needs, and pain points. That data will be used to craft a relevant direct mail campaign that moves more business through the doors of your showroom.

Begin Your Audience Research Today!

When it comes to a successful automotive direct mail strategy, your customers should be top of mind. After all, your dealership’s buyers are the ones who will be responding to your advertisement and, ultimately, giving you their business.

Fortunately, these steps to quality audience research will help your team increase the ROI and response rates for your dealership’s auto direct mailers while also establishing solid relationships with your leads.

To get started on your journey toward effective audience segmentation, give our data-mining gurus at Aspen Automotive a call or send us an email today!