Integrating your Automotive Direct Marketing Campaign

Automotive Marketing

When it comes to automotive marketing campaigns, many different marketing methods will be mentioned. With talk of direct mail, social media, and email marketing, how are you supposed to pick which marketing strategy is best suited for your automotive dealership? Well, you don’t have to pick just one marketing strategy.

At Aspen Automotive, our team of marketing experts has crafted a method of integrating your automotive direct marketing campaign to include all types of marketing. Ready to learn more? Keep reading!

What is a Direct Marketing Campaign

Direct Mail Marketing Direct marketing, sometimes referred to as integrated or omni-channel marketing, is a way to advertise to a specific group of people using demographics like zip code, income, or marital status. This is achieved by marketing to your clients across a variety of channels using traditional and digital marketing strategies.

The purpose of integrated marketing is to deliver your dealership’s message through direct mail, email, and social media. While you can run separate marketing campaigns for each medium, it’s far more effective to unify these into an integrated marketing campaign. This is because:

  • Potential clients have a higher chance of viewing your ad multiple times
  • Sharing the same brand message
  • Reach a wider audience

Now that you have an idea of what a direct marketing campaign is, let’s look at three ways you can integrate your marketing campaign.

1. QR Codes

One easy way you can integrate traditional and digital marketing is by including a Quick Response (QR) code on your direct mailer. These personalized boxes allow customers to use their smartphone to scan the QR code where they can be provided with extra information about the advertisement you’ve sent out, a redeemable coupon, or increase audience engagement.

What’s great about QR codes is that these can also be utilized in an email marketing or social media campaign. This way you’re able to reach your audience across multiple channels.

2. Personalized URLs

personalized URLsA personalized URL, or PURL, is a great way you can integrate your automotive direct marketing campaign. When received as either a direct mailer or as part of your email program, the recipient will be presented with a personalized link that usually includes their name.

After clicking on this URL, they’ll be redirected to a landing page that also has been personalized with their name, purchase history, and any other information you’d like to send their way. This type of integrated marketing is a way to group your campaign into one unified strategy.

3. HTML Email Programs

The last way you can integrate your marketing strategy is by using an HTML email program. The best way to describe HTML emails is to compare the email to a webpage. Both have similar feels and include text, video, and other striking visuals enhanced with HTML coding.

Utilizing both a traditional direct mailer marketing strategy and an email program can help increase your ROI (returns on investment) and expand your automotive dealership’s clientele.

Get Started with Your Automotive Direct Marketing Campaign Today

At Aspen Automotive, our team of marketing experts work to create an integrated marketing campaign that’s best served to boost your automotive company’s marketing results. Curious to learn more about how your dealership’s marketing strategy can be integrated and improve your results? Give our team a call or send us an email today!