How to Market Your Auto Business During a Crisis

Online Car ShoppingNo matter how much you plan, no one can ever be truly prepared for a crisis. Instead, strong and swift action is the best antidote in dealing with and recovering from the unexpected.

Of course, there are a few guiding principles that dealerships across the country can reference to survive difficult times, like the COVID-19 crisis.

Fortunately, the advertising experts at Aspen Automotive are here to instruct you on how to best navigate tough situations and keep your customers faithful to your brand. Let’s take a look at some of our tips on how to market your auto business during a crisis.

Automotive Marketing Tips During a Crisis

  1. Safety, First and Foremost
  2. Take to Social Media
  3. Favor Communication over Advertising
  4. Help Your Community
  5. Offer Online Car Buying

1.)Safety, First and Foremost

COVID Car DealsDuring the COVID-19 crisis, safety must always reign supreme. Not only is it essential in keeping your team healthy and ready to work, but it’s also important to communicate the safety measures that you’re taking to your customers. That way, your buyers will know that you’re putting their well-being before all else, which is yet another key to brand loyalty.

While COVID requirements will differ based on your particular state, establishing certain requirements like social distancing, regular disinfecting, and masks for both your staff and customers goes a long way in helping shoppers feel comfortable while browsing your showroom.

2.)Take to Social Media

Human beings crave connection. So, in the midst of a global crisis that prevents everyone from gathering together, you need to serve as a touchpoint for your targeted audience.

Thanks to the modern world, we’re able to stay connected through our smartphones, tablets, and desktops, but it’s crucial to give your customers content to engage with via social media. As a result of your regular posts, your consumers will still feel tied to your dealership despite the circumstances.


3.)Favor Communication over Advertising

Social Media PlatformsHonesty during times of crisis is refreshing. While your dealership may feel the need to distract from the current situation, it’s best to opt for openness and transparency. By doing so, you’ll avoid coming off as out of touch with the current environment.

On top of that, frequent and thorough communication provides local car buyers with the information they need to know when your dealership will be reopening or what measures your team is taking to keep all shoppers safe.

Ultimately, seeing the extra effort that your business is putting in to fight a major crisis serves as a source of comfort for your customers.


4.)Help Your Community

Whether your team donates masks or sends care packages to frontline medical personnel, reaching out into your community is one of the best ways to keep your dealership in the minds of your potential customers.

In a time of uncertainty, good news and selfless acts are welcomed by everyone, even those who aren’t directly benefitting from your efforts.

Beyond that, people remember simple acts of kindness during tough times. Not only are you helping your community get through a crisis, but you’re also improving the odds that more buyers will choose your dealership once everything returns to normal.


5.)Offer Online Car Buying

Online Car Inventory In a situation where customers are limited in their ability to shop in person, it’s wise to have a way for them to make purchases online.

The benefits of such a tool are twofold: first, offering a from-home method of shopping helps your dealership continue to bring in revenue while your main form of profit-gaining is on hold.

Second, it allows your consumers to complete part of or the entirety of their search for the perfect car from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Plus, the benefits of such a capability pay off far beyond the crisis and give your buyers a convenient way to car shop while they’re on the go.

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At Aspen Automotive, we’re here to support your dealership through any type of crisis. By sticking to our tips on how to market your auto business during a crisis, you’ll strike the right balance of customer care and revenue building during these unprecedented times.

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