Ways to Measure the Success of a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Direct Mail Marketing

The benefits of direct mail continue to support dealerships like yours in driving more business through the door. As you begin your direct mail marketing campaign, you may be wondering how you measure its overall success.

The experts at Epsilon Individual Automotive can help you measure the success of your direct mail marketing campaign as well as provide clear, data-driven solutions to boost its success. Read on!

How Can You Measure the Success of Direct Mail Marketing?

Even with today’s digital world, direct mail continues to play an important and effective role for many businesses. In fact, 58% of the mail received by American households is marketing mail.* If your dealership is in that mix, you may be wondering how to measure your campaign’s success.

With the experience and data-driven solutions at Epsilon Individual Automotive, we can help you track the success of your direct mail marketing. Here’s a quick overview of the steps we’ll take before and during your campaign:

STEP 1. Set a Clear Goal

MetricsTo begin your direct mail marketing campaign, you’ll need to set a clear goal. Perhaps your goal is to boost pre-owned sales, or maybe you want to promote a limited seasonal or holiday special. Whatever your goal for your dealership is, you’ll need to identify it to best determine the specifics of your mail.

STEP 2. Define Your Metrics

We can measure the success of direct mail marketing with numbers and marketing data. Depending on your goal, we can define the metrics of your campaign. One number we’ll keep an eye on is your Return on Investment (ROI). ROI is calculated using the following equation:

ROI = Net Profit/Total Investment x 100

Start Campainging

In many cases, direct mail can offer a 29% ROI, which is nearly equal to the ROI of social media.*

STEP 3. Start Your Campaign

With your goal set and your metrics defined, we can send out your direct mail! We’ll pay close attention to numbers like ROI as well as website views determined by personalized URLs and QR codes included in your mail. From there, we can make adjustments to your advertisements and ensure continued success.

Our Automotive Data Solutions

At Epsilon Individual Automotive, we specialize in automotive marketing. Using our automotive data solutions, we can make sure your mail gets to the right people, based on automotive history, family size, and other important demographics.

Our automotive data solutions include:

  • SureDrive Data
  • Real-Time Credit Score
  • Lease/Loan Enders
  • Autoproval
  • Saturation

Along with data-driven solutions to boost the success of your direct mail marketing campaign, we have a full in-house production studio to produce your mail. Our creative team works hard to make an eye-catching design, so we can have your advertising mailed out in around 72 hours.

Learn More About the Success of Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

A direct mail marketing campaign can be extremely beneficial in bringing more business to your dealership. At Epsilon Individual Automotive, we can help you measure the success of your campaign and provide automotive data solutions.

Contact us today to start your next direct mail marketing campaign!