How Using the Right or Wrong Font Affects Your Message

When it comes to your automotive marketing campaign, it’s essential to realize that the smallest details often make the biggest difference in your conversions.

In fact, visual characteristics like font, otherwise known as typography, can often be the difference between an ad that resonates with your consumers and an ad that doesn’t quite hit the mark.

But what’s the right font for your dealership and what are some of the benefits of using the ideal typeface? We’ll help you answer that question and provide you with other insights on how using the right font affects your message in this guide created by Aspen Automotive.

What’s the Best Font for Direct Mail Marketing?

While there are a number of varying opinions on the specific font that’s best for automotive direct mail marketing, one thing is unanimous: serif typeface makes for a more enjoyable reading experience.

Thanks to the serifs, or feet, on the tips of each letter of a serif-style font, the reader’s eye is more easily guided along each line of copy.

As a result, your dealership’s advertisement will carry the reader through each word, so that they can reach the central offer—something that will encourage them to visit your showroom or do business with your team.

However, the type of font that’s best depends on your dealership’s targeted audience and automotive marketing format.

For instance, sans serif typeface may work better for your advertisement if you’re working with a younger clientele or if such font more effectively aligns with your brand’s image. Let’s take a closer look at different font styles and which ones will best fit your automotive direct mailers.


As we mentioned above, serif fonts feature tails on the points of each letter that help the eye move linearly along the page.

In addition to that, serif typeface tends to help your customers associate feelings of reliability and respectability with your brand. That effect paired with the fact that it’s easier for car buyers to consume make this font a no-brainer for direct mail advertisements.

On top of that, serif fonts are more familiar to senior audiences as they’re more commonly used.

Sans Serif

While sans serif fonts don’t feature the same tails on the ends of each letter, it’s still a viable choice for automotive professionals.

Sans serif fonts, such as Helvetica and Futura, tend to impart a more modern, business-like vibe to your dealership’s direct mailers. With their more modern feel, sans serif typefaces resonate with younger consumers.

Moreover, serif and sans serif fonts often work well together—typically serif fonts are used for the body of an advertisement while bolder sans serif fonts offer eye-catching benefits for titles and headings.

Script and Display

To highlight a special event or create a sense of elegance for your dealership’s brand, consider the curvaceous lines and recognizable characteristics of script and display typeface. For the most part, decorative script fonts position your business as a boundary pusher and thought leader.

Likewise, they can also get your targeted audience excited for an upcoming vehicle release or holiday event hosted by your dealership.

Benefits of Using the Right Font for Automotive Direct Mail

It Has an Impact on Your Readers

Think about it: you’re more likely to pick up an automotive direct mailer with a pleasing typeface than one that’s more difficult to read. It’s for this reason that font, as well as letter and line spacing, is so critical to the overall success of your campaign.

Depending on what you’re trying to impart to your customers through your direct mailers, the right font can add depth to your message and make it even more impactful.

When your dealership’s advertisement has more impact, it’s more likely to keep your buyers interested and encourage them to make a purchase.

It Establishes Your Brand Image

To create a trustworthy and recognized brand, you need to first build your brand’s image. Your dealership’s typography is one of the ways in which your customers will instantly recognize a direct mailer from your team. Why is that important?

If your leads can easily identify the sender of the direct mail, there’s a higher possibility of them participating with your offer—whether you’re sending them a special offer or a welcome postcard. Ultimately, it means more revenue for your dealership.

It Conveys Importance

Looking for a way to call attention to important information on your automotive direct mailers? Harness the power of fonts!

Different typefaces help you emphasize certain calls-to-action and offers to your readers. That way, they’ll know exactly what to do to get in touch with your dealership’s team or take part in a limited time offer.

How to Optimize Your Font for Easy Readability

Now that you know all about which fonts are best to use for your automotive marketing campaign and some of the key benefits of those fonts, it’s time to consider how to make this work for your dealership.

Consider the Details

Choosing your preferred font in a Microsoft Word Document is far different than choosing the best font for your business’s direct mail campaign.

To have your typography truly pay off, there should be a balance between interest and readability. Let’s consider a few of the most crucial font guidelines that your final marketing design should reflect:

  • Use serif and sans serif fonts for different platforms: As we mentioned above, there are benefits to be had with both serif and sans serif fonts. However, you want to think about where your customers will be reading your ad. For instance, if you plan to send your buyers an email in addition to a direct mailer, save the sans serif fonts for your digital advertisements and use serif fonts for physical mailers. Why? Well, sans serif fonts tend to be more easily read on screens, while serif fonts keep the eye trained to printed text.
  • Gather inspiration from successful campaigns: Take some time to look at the typefaces employed in the most successful marketing campaigns. While you may not be able to pinpoint the exact font used in those advertisements, you’ll be able to see what contrasting typefaces can do for the visual appeal of an automotive ad.
  • Don’t overdo variety: While you want enough font variety to make your automotive marketing campaign stand out, too much contrast can make it difficult for readers to focus on your central message. As a rule, it’s best to choose no more than three font families for your ad. These typefaces should also be used for specific aspects of your message: one for the headline, one for the sub-headlines, and another for the body text. You could select the same front for the headline and sub-headlines and opt for a more unique typeface for your CTA (call-to-action).

Pay Attention to Line Spacing

Just as your automotive marketing font designs should be balanced, it’s essential to choose the appropriate line height and paragraph spacing. For the most part, you should aim for the spacing between each sentence to be at least equal to your font size.

Some marketers even suggest that line spacing should be 150 percent of your typeface size, at minimum. Of course, the line height you choose will largely depend on the size of your dealership’s direct mailer but keep this in mind while laying out the preliminary design for your marketing strategy.

Similarly, your team should run through different font sizes and line heights for the various platforms where your message will be displayed.

The same typeface and paragraph spacing that you use for direct mail may not be quite so attractive on a mobile screen. By taking some time to plan the smaller design details of your dealership’s advertisements, you’ll end up with a much more successful campaign.

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