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Has your car dealership been considering an alternative marketing strategy? One tried-and-true method is direct mail. Direct mail marketing campaigns come in many styles and even mail sizes depending on what you need out of your next marketing campaign.

Epsilon Individual Automotive combines technology, data, and direct mail to create a solid marketing campaign for any dealership. Below are just some of the direct mail marketing programs we offer.

Interactive Direct Mail

Technology and direct mail can work together. We can design direct mail marketing with an interactive portion that can include the following:

  • Microsites
  • Videos
  • QR codes

Your leads get a link to your sites with personalized information based on their needs, and you can collect more information about how to serve your customer.

interactive programs
Spring and Memorial Day Events

Seasonal/Holiday Promotions

Holiday and seasonal promotion mailers are a great way to let everyone know that your dealership is running a sale. These sales can help push a lead to purchase or remind them you’re there for the holiday season.

Pop Card Promotions

Pop cards are an excellent way to stand out against the white envelopes people receive daily. Colors and images can grab your customer’s attention, while the pop card provides important information.

data lease
pop card flyer
loyalty flyer

Loyalty Promotions

An existing customer base is an important source of revenue that shouldn’t be ignored. Loyalty programs help keep your customers returning. Our direct mail loyalty promotions can help keep your dealership in their minds and offer rewards to loyal customers.

Trade-in Promotions

Trade-ins can be an important part of customer purchases. A lot of people aren’t interested in selling a vehicle themselves. We’ve created effective trade-in programs for dealerships that want to up their used vehicle inventory.

promo trade flyer

Loan/Finance Promotions

Our loan/finance promotions can target those interested in a vehicle purchase thanks to our Experian and Transunion lists, which are updated frequently. Send a promotion to potential customers based on data including specific:

  • Credit score ranges
  • Income ranges
  • Percentage equity on current auto loans

We have automotive data solutions that provide us with demographic information and automotive-focused data to create an even better direct mail campaign.

OEM Marketing Programs

OEM parts are a huge benefit to customers looking to get their vehicles serviced. These parts often fit their vehicles perfectly because they match the make of the car they drive.

We can design direct mail pieces highlighting OEM promotions your dealership is running and even submit pieces to a co-op for compliance.

promo oems
promo purls

Personal URL (PURL) Programs

Personalized URLs (PURLs) give your direct mail piece a personal touch. Customers are more likely to visit a website that features their name. Using data, we can design sites, with PURLS, for your customers that directly address their vehicle needs—whether that’s information on financing, new SUVs, or trade-in information.

NOTICE: Materials and/or mailers displayed here may not be appropriate for use in some states. Please consult your attorney prior to using any materials/mailers or contact us for further information.

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Automotive direct mail is a versatile marketing tool that can help bring more business to your dealership. If you want to learn more about how a direct mail marketing campaign looks for your business, contact the team at Epsilon Individual Automotive.