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Have you ever sat down and considered how many ads the average consumer sees in a day? The number is literally thousands, most of them reduced to white noise and background images.

This means that for your dealership to break through that wall, you’re going to need to craft a marketing campaign that stands out from the rest. With the help of the Aspen Automotive and our marketing gurus, it most certainly will.

Let’s take a look at some of the methods our team uses to give dealerships across America an automotive marketing edge.

It’s Time to Grab Some Attention with Marketing Design

When it comes to marketing your automotive dealership, we know that you have a specific way of doing things. After all, yours is a unique business with its own set of values and visions for the future. In order to uphold these, you need a campaign that’s tailored to you.

Direct mail marketing targets the demographic most aligned with your business’s needs, values, and advantages and provides them with content that can smartly get the message across.

With a number of different programs and promotions available, we’ll make sure your customer base knows exactly what your dealership stands for.

One of the ways we achieve this is with advanced data solutions and technologies. With these, we can create tailored lead-generating programs and targeted lists, as well as report on their success in real time.

Thanks to our exclusive databases, you’ll have all the information you need to effectively market to specific audience segments. Some of our industry-leading databases include:

Aspen Suredrive Data: What if you could access information that tells you the exact make, model, year, purchase date, auto style, and purchase type of each of your customer’s current vehicles? That’s exactly what Aspen SureDrive Data provides you. With these insights, you can more effectively target buyers in your audience and push them toward a purchase.

Dealer Data Download: Accurate data is crucial to successful marketing. To ensure that the information in your dealership management system is clean, Dealer Data Download actively updates your records. That way, you’ll know that your direct mailers have an impact.

Lease/Loan Enders: The most valuable leads are individuals who are getting ready to purchase a new vehicle. Well, our Lease/Loan Ender database provides your team with the knowledge that they need to find intent-driven buyers. Some of the information delivered by this cutting-edge system includes remaining loan amount, remaining payment methods, unrenewed or fully paid auto loans, and more.

Real Time Credit Score Data: By compiling information from the three core credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, our Real Time Credit Score Database pull together lists of the credit scores of your targeted audience.

Of course, these are only a few of the many databases presented by our team. To learn more about all of the ways in which we help your dealership reach the right customer in the right place at the right time, take a look at our data solutions.

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Marketing Design

Our award-winning design team is here to create content that’s 100% customizable (to best fit your vision), cleverly attention-grabbing, and undeniably vibrant. With the right aesthetic, our direct mailers and support materials will drive even more qualified buyers to your showroom.

We’ll make sure that your direct mail campaigns, point-of-sale materials, and special projects have a look that’s totally unique to your dealership. After all, they need to reflect the fact that your dealership is unlike any other.

You can expect that the turnaround time on these projects will be fairly rapid, too. We have a state-of-the-art printing facility—one of the largest around—and from the time we begin designing to the time your mailers are printed and ready to ship, it should only take about 72 hours.

On top of that, we take things one step further by arming our in-house production facility with a lineup of additional capabilities. From collating and sealing to document lasering and metering, we’re prepared to make your direct mailers stand out with eye-catching lettering, colors, and more.

More Than Just Marketing Mailers

Direct mail content is our bread and butter, but what we’re creating for you is so much more than that. We’re helping you build events and programs that’ll drive customers to your dealership. This is achieved through seasonal and holiday promotions, interactive programs, loyalty promotions, and so much more.

Some of our most popular direct mail options are as follows:

  • Pop-card promotions
  • PURL (personalized URL) programs
  • Loan/finance promotions
  • OEM marketing programs and more

Aside from traditional direct mailers, our team specializes in crafting interactive direct mail campaigns that increase action from your customers and connect you with potential leads. For instance, customer surveys give visitors to your dealership the opportunity to share their opinions.

Not only does this provide your team with valuable feedback, but it also shows your customers that you care about what they have to say. Ultimately, this helps new and current consumers feel more valued.

In addition to customer surveys, QR codes are another interactive marketing method that has assisted our clients in attracting more buyers to their showrooms.

Whether the QR code gives your consumers a virtual tour of upcoming models or simply connects them to your site, they’re a perfect solution for dealerships looking to improve customer engagement.

By routinely connecting with your ideal buyers through traditional direct mailers or interactive advertising methods, there’s nothing stopping your dealership from reaching your sales goals year over year.

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Learn How to Design the Aspen Marketing Way

From the day that you start working with Aspen Automotive, you’re bound to see a difference in not just the focus, but in the look of your dealership’s marketing strategy, too. You’ll stand out from the pack in no time at all.

Thanks to our marketing team’s unwavering commitment to helping your automotive dealership reach its goals, you’ll begin every new campaign with the confidence that comes with accurate marketing data, impeccable direct mail design, and cutting-edge technologies.

Learn more about our automotive marketing solutions by giving us a call or sending us an email today!

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