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We’ll help you design a campaign that gets noticed and delivers results.

From conceptualization and production to using data solutions and following up with your customers, we design every aspect of your direct mail marketing campaign. The industry experts at Epsilon Individual Automotive will work with you every step of the way.

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More Than Design: We Plan Your Campaign, Start to Finish

Epsilon Individual Automotive can design your campaign from start to finish. With our experience in direct mail marketing, we can lay the groundwork for a quality campaign. With targeted mailing lists and a timeline of when to send mailers out, we can set your automotive business up for success. Not only will your campaign run like a well-oiled machine, but you can expect a solid return on investment (ROI) too.

Dynamic Automotive Mailers that Stand Out

automotive direct mail that stands outHaving creative mailers that catch the reader’s eye can be the difference between having your mailer tossed in the trash or put up on the fridge. We’ll work with you to create exciting mailers that your leads will want to hold onto. We can design a variety of mailers, including:

  • Dimensional mail
  • Lumpy mail
  • Folded mail
  • Postcards
  • Catalogs
  • Letters
  • Self-mailers


With good content and a strong call to action (CTA), the people on your mailing list will want to take you up on your offers.

Using Data to Design Your Direct Mail Campaign

To provide you with fast, accurate data solutions, Epsilon Individual Automotive also offers cutting-edge solutions that can be used to your advantage, including:

  • Aspen SureDrive Data
  • Dealer Data Download
  • Real Time Credit Score Data
  • Lease/Loan Enders
  • QR codes and PURLs

Using these data solutions and the behavioral data collected, you can design the next steps for your automotive business. For example, if you include marketing tools like a QR code or personalized URLs (PURLs), you can quickly see who used them, keep their information in your system, and follow up at the perfect time. That’s a strategy that’s designed for long-term success.

From Design to Production: Everything Under One Roof

In-house direct mail productionWhether you want to include QR codes, unique graphics, or lots of lively colors, our in-house production studio can take care of it for you. We design and produce everything in one facility, so you can be confident that your mailers will look just the way you want.

That kind of communication streamlines the entire process, which allows us to get things out fast. We have one of the largest production studios in the country, so your mailers can go from the drawing board to being shipped out in as little as 72 hours!

Design Your Campaign with Epsilon Individual Automotive

If you’re ready to improve your ROI with well-designed automotive mailers, contact the team at Epsilon Individual Automotive today!

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