Monthly Mail Marketing Specials

You have plenty of options available when looking for ways to market your dealership. Picking the ones that meet your dealership’s specific needs may involve a combination or a change in marketing campaigns, depending on the time of year. Sometimes short-term marketing campaigns can help boost your dealership’s visibility and traffic. One effective version of marketing is monthly specials.

Epsilon Individual Automotive has experts on staff that can help create monthly specials for your dealership that stands out from the crowd. We can cover every step of the design process, from style to data. Want to learn more about monthly specials? Read on!

What Are Monthly Specials?

Monthl Specials

As we hinted above, monthly specials are a form of short-term marketing. Monthly specials allow your customer to access deals that last for about a month.

Some dealerships run monthly specials regularly, while others only use them occasionally. The right choice for your dealership is something you can discuss with the team at Epsilon Individual Automotive.


Monthly Special Examples

There are many types of monthly specials. You can set up more than one in a month or use them throughout the year to remind your customers of your business and the benefits of using your services.

Some examples include:

  • Discounts for veterans, teachers, or students
  • Cashback promotions
  • Holiday sales
  • Service or parts offers

There are more options than you’ll find on this list. If you have an idea for a monthly special unique to your dealership, speak to our team! We’ll help you create a direct mail campaign for your monthly special.

Monthly Special Benefits

Increase specific vehicle salesMonthly special marketing campaigns come with many benefits for your dealership. Take a look at just a few of them below:

  • Attract customers and leads to your dealership
  • Boost profits
  • Grab attention during A holiday sale
  • Increase specific vehicle sales

Monthly specials help attract attention to your dealership for both new and current customers. Discounts encourage people to try something new because they have to risk less money for the experience. Once they’ve shopped at your dealership or used your service center, they’ll come back if it has been a satisfactory experience—without the special.

Do you have lower profit periods you’d like to improve? Monthly specials can help make that happen. You might want to encourage certain vehicle sales or oil changes. Run these specials during slow portions of your year to enable customers to use your services during those times.

Most people are already shopping for the holiday season; therefore, they are more open to marketing campaigns and specials. These specials may give them that push to check out your inventory at the end of the year.

If you want to move more of a certain vehicle, run a monthly special to create some room on your lot!

Work With Epsilon Individual Automotive to Begin Your Monthly Specials Campaign Today

As you can see, monthly special campaigns can make your dealership stand out, increase your return on investment, and grab attention. If you’re ready to begin planning your next monthly specials campaign, reach out to our team at Epsilon Individual Automotive.

Our experts will sit down with you and help you identify the needs of your dealership and design a marketing campaign that works for you. Take a look at some of the monthly specials we’ve designed below, and then give us a call to get started!

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