Monthly Mail Marketing Specials

There are many ways you can make your dealership stand out from others in the area. One way to ensure that your dealership stands out to your customers is with a marketing strategy that utilizes the best of what the industry has to offer. One effective form of marketing is through using monthly specials.

The team at Aspen Automotive is staffed with marketing experts who can help your dealership craft the monthly specials your customers are sure to love. Our designed methodology covers every important aspect of a successful direct mail strategy: Data, Digital, Direct.

Curious to learn more about how monthly specials can improve your marketing campaign? Keep reading!

What Are Monthly Specials?

Monthly specials are a form of short-term marketing. They give customers access to service specials or vehicle discounts for one month only. Some dealerships run new monthly specials regularly while others use them sparingly. Our marketing experts can help you decide which form of monthly specials works best for your dealership and your particular marketing goals.

Why Use Monthly Specials?

Monthl Specials

There are many benefits to incorporating monthly specials into your marketing plan offer. Let’s take a look at just some of these benefits:

  • Attract customers to your dealership: Often, when people hear a discount is involved, they are more open to trying something new. After all, if they don’t like it, they didn’t spend as much money as they could have. Running monthly specials is a fast and easy way to attract both new and existing customers to your dealership.
  • Boost profits: Have you noticed that you’re selling fewer vehicles during a certain month? Are less people in need of maintenance during a period of time? Consider running a monthly special during slower times to boost profits when it might be a quiet period otherwise.
  • Run holiday campaigns: People are more open to marketing during the holidays, so take advantage of that and work holidays into your monthly specials and marketing campaigns.

Monthly specials are also a great way to clear up your showroom, especially if you have a lot of a particular model in stock or have the latest model year on its way. You can run a monthly special on a particular vehicle in hopes of clearing up some showroom space.

Examples of Monthly Specials

There are lots of different types of monthly specials your dealership can take advantage of. Here are just some monthly special ideas our experts can help you set up:

  • Cashback promotions
  • Occupational discounts for veterans, teachers, and students
  • Holiday sales
  • Service bundles

When looking to incorporate monthly specials into your campaign, the possibilities are limitless.

Start Your Monthly Specials Campaign Today

Are you ready to elevate your dealership’s marketing, stand out from the crowd, and increase ROIs? Then starting a monthly specials campaign is just what you need.

Thanks to the dedication of our Aspen Automotive experts and their ability to identify the unique needs of your business, you’ll design a marketing campaign with the lead-generating power you need to help your dealership thrive. Check out our monthly specials below and give us a call if you have any questions!



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