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At Epsilon Individual Automotive, we believe that providing dealerships with a convenient way to reach us to begin a successful marketing campaign is part of what sets us apart from other agencies.

With the click of a button, you’ll start the journey toward a data-driven multi-channel campaign that’ll help your business thrive.

To get you more familiar with the services we offer that’ve boosted sales for over 10,000 dealerships across the nation, we’re here with the lowdown on our marketing agency.

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Our Method: Data, Digital, Direct

First, let’s review our time-tested marketing approach that’s resulted in success for our automotive clients. We like to refer to this technique as data, digital, and direct.

By combining the powers of these three advertising solutions, you’ll reach the right audience in the right place and at the right time. Let’s take a look at how this process helps our clients reach their revenue goals year over year.


What’s the key to reaching your targeted demographic and improving your sales? Data, data, and more data. With clean, accurate data, you’ll have more information on your audience so you can tailor your advertising campaign to speak to the individual, rather than the crowd.

As a result of our data-mining efforts, your dealership will have a solid connection to your customers through a highly targeted campaign. As a result, they’ll be more likely to give you their business.


These days, it pays to harness modern technologies and incorporate them into your automotive marketing campaign. From email marketing to social media, and everything in between, these platforms provide your audience with a more immersive experience as well as improved accessibility to your dealership.

For instance, if you pair a direct mail campaign with digital marketing techniques, you’ll enhance the success of your advertising strategy. All your consumers have to do is follow the social media link provided on your direct mail piece to learn more about your dealership offers.


Whether you want to unveil a direct mail strategy or an interactive program, direct marketing is a perfect way to interact with your consumers. That’s why we offer a selection of advertising options that will spur your customers into action.

Thanks to the strong calls-to-action associated with this marketing method, you’ll tell your consumers exactly what they need to do to begin a relationship with your business.

Once your customers know the steps to take to interact with your dealership, you’ll see an increase in the response rate to your advertisement.

Why Is Our Approach Essential for Your Dealership?

The answer to this question is simple: at Epsilon Individual Automotive, we tailor each and every marketing campaign to our unique clients. No matter what type of brand image you’re aiming for, we have the necessary resources to position your team as authorities in the dealership industry.

On top of that, we harvest critical information from a collection of exclusive databases so that your message reaches the appropriate audience and gives you a solid return on investment.

From there, our creative team and marketing professionals pair digital and direct marketing formats that will enhance the overall scope of your campaign.

When put together, this method drives up your business’s numbers and creates a strong foundation on which your dealership can grow for years to come.

Starting the Conversation: Contact Our Team

Now that you know more about how our team leverages the lead-generating strength of data, digital, and direct to help your company reach its revenue goals and thrive in the auto dealer market, it’s time to get in touch with us.

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