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Automotive Marketing
Since our beginning on 1986, AspenAutomotive has grown to be the largest and most experienced automotive direct mail company in the country, leading the way with innovative direct mail campaigns. We’ve already worked with more than 10,000 dealers throughout the U.S. and have created successful marketing campaigns for them.

Working with our team of experts means that you’ll have customized marketing strategy, as well as any tailored events and programs, designed to meet your dealership’s needs. This way, you’re sure to see the ROIs (return on investments) in no time at all.

Let’s see how our team of experts provides the highest quality service to help with all your marketing needs.

Automotive Direct Marketing

Direct Mail MarketingDirect mail marketing is a powerful form of marketing. If fact, direct mail is one of the biggest contributors to a successful marketing campaign. That’s because it’s extremely versatile and is more visible, unlike digital marketing which is easy to click away from. It’s estimated that each receives 107 emails and sees over 60 ads a day. With mail, it’s estimated that each person received two pieces of mail per day.

With far less competition and room for creativity, our experts will work with you to determine your dealership’s needs and craft a direct marketing plan that compliments those requirements.



Marketing & Design

Now that you’ve created a marketing strategy, let our team of design experts reate eye-catching graphics to compliment your advertising. Using years of experience, your clients will have brightly colored mail sent directly to them all thanks to the most innovative and effective design programs in the industry.


Production in Marketing

After our team has designed their dazzling graphics and mailers, let us print all your advertising materials at our in-house production studio. We have the largest in-house production facility in the industry. This way, you’re your designs will have a turnaround time of only a few days.

Fast. Efficient. High Quality.


Marketing Data Solutions

Now that your materials are produced, where do you want them sent? Thanks to our data solutions service, your mail will get sent to those who fall in your targeted audience.

We provide the fastest, most accurate, and up-to-date targeted lists in the industry to deliver the highest response rates possible. That’s why we’ve paired with Epsilon®, the number one ranked transactional and behavioral data company in the world. This way, your mail will get sent to the people who will provide you with the greatest ROI.


Technology & Marketing

Our job still doesn’t end once the mail is sent out. Now comes the fun part of tracking your results with real-time analytics.

Now’s also the time to take advantage of our interactive programs. These programs—like personalized URLs, email marketing, and targeted ad displays—are a great way to boost your ROIs. When these programs are coupled with our mailers, your dealership will have a larger reach, which will help you see even more results.


Aspen’s Featured Programs

Some of our most popular mail programs include holiday or seasonal promotions and loan/financing promotions. When you decide to utilize a seasonal or holiday promotion, your targeted audience will receive something in the mail alerting them of this promotion. For example, if you’re organizing a sale for President’s Day or a spring savings event, this is a great way to let them know.

Additionally, if you’re hoping to target prospective clients by offering them a unique financing program based on their credit score or income, a loan/finance promotion is just what you need.

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When you’re spending your time searching direct mail near me, Aspen Automotive will be the first one to pop up. With industry experts here to help you from everything from creating a strategy to fulfilling your promotions and so much more, there’s no question as to why over 10,000 dealerships have trusted us with their automotive marketing needs.

Are you ready to get started? Simply give us a call or send us an email to speak with one of our marketing specialists to see how we can transform your dealer’s marketing presence. We can’t wait to get started!