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Epsilon Individual Automotive produces quality direct mail marketing campaigns for your car dealership or automotive business. While marketing is increasingly digital, we know that direct mail is and always will be a great way to reach your audience and convert your leads into customers.

Our Services


Marketing & Design


Our team of design experts create eye-catching graphics to complement your overall marketing plan. Your clients will love having brightly colored mail sent directly to them with the most in-trend and effective designs.


In-House Production 

After our team designs your dazzling graphics and mailers, we’ll print all your advertising materials at our in-house production studio. We have the largest in-house production facility in the industry. This way, you’re your designs will have a turnaround time of only a few days.


Marketing Data Solutions

We provide the fastest, most accurate, and up-to-date targeted lists in the industry to deliver the highest response rates possible. That’s why we’ve paired with Epsilon®, the number one ranked transactional and behavioral data company in the world. This way, your mail will go to the right customers and have the greatest ROI.


Technology & Marketing

Take advantage of our interactive programs. These programs—like personalized URLs, email marketing, and targeted ad displays—are coupled with our mailers, to expand your dealership’s reach and increase your qualified leads.

Direct mail company

Your Partner from Design to Production

One of the ways we ensure a good ROI on your marketing campaign is by being there every step of the way. We’ll help you create a direct mail marketing strategy that includes a well-researched targeted mailing list.

Once we’ve set up a strategy and determined your audience, we’ll get to work by incorporating quality content and great graphics to your mailers. Not only will we help you design it, but we’ll produce it for you, too.

Our In-House Production Studio

At Epsilon Individual Automotive, we’re proud to have our own in-house production studio. It’s one of the largest production facilities in the industry, which allows us to get your mailers made fast and to send them out in only a few days.

Cutting-Edge Marketing Tools Keep Your Campaigns Future Focused

Creating your marketing materials and putting them in the mail is just one part of a direct mail marketing campaign. We know that the key to any good campaign is creating customer engagement. To do that, we integrate interactive marketing tools into your mailers.

For example, adding a QR code or a personalized URL (PURL) to your mailer gives leads and long-time customers an easy way to learn more or to redeem offers instantly. Just include a strong call to action (CTA), and they’ll take advantage of those tools and be on your landing page in no time.

Dynamic Data Solutions

Another key to getting a good ROI and enjoying sustained success is tracking the results of your campaign. It’s the best way to see what works and what doesn’t, and it allows you to make adjustments to your future campaigns. It’s also a good way to keep your mailing lists up to date.

In order to monitor all that data and keep track of it for you, we’ve partnered with Epsilon®. As one of the top behavioral data companies, they can provide speedy, state-of-the-art solutions that’ll keep your campaigns fresh and in the mailboxes of the right people.

Featured Campaigns

Epsilon Individual Automotive creates direct mail marketing content for all kinds of automotive businesses. While we work on strategies all year long, some of our most notable work is for holiday sales and promotions. They’re a perfect way to let local drivers know that you’re running exclusive offers. Check out some of the featured programs in our portfolio.

Learn More About Epsilon Individual Automotive

Whether you’re ready to design a marketing campaign with us or you want to learn more about the effectiveness of direct mail, Epsilon Individual Automotive is here to help. We’ll get to work on improving your campaign and your ROI by brainstorming, producing, and tracking your next automotive marketing campaign. Contact us to discover more and partner with us!