The Benefits of Automotive Direct Mail Advertising

The Benefits of Automotive Direct Mail Advertising
The average American is exposed to about 4,000 to 10,000 digital ads every single day. Due to this number, it takes something remarkable to help your automotive business stand out from crowds of marketing campaigns.

Well, why not set yourself apart by putting your advertisement directly in the hands of your audience, instead of on the screen of their smartphones or tablets?

Fortunately, doing exactly that is as simple as creating an effective direct mail marketing strategy with the help of the experts at Aspen Automotive. Need a little more convincing? No problem. Let’s take a look at these benefits of automotive direct mail advertising over its digital counterparts.

1.)   It Reaches Your Audience

The Benefits of Automotive Direct Mail AdvertisingFirst off, automotive direct mail advertising provides your business with advantages that digital marketing options (like email) simply cannot match.

Without obstacles like email filtering, 80 to 90 percent of direct mail is actually opened and viewed by your customers, as opposed to email, which is opened only 20 to 30 percent of the time.

What does that mean for your dealership? Well, because your audience actually sees the message emblazoned on your direct mailer, they’re more likely to opt into what you’re advertising.

That means that, by using direct mail marketing, you’ll increase the return on your investment by boosting the likelihood of your customers and leads participating in the program that your dealership is offering.

2.)   It’s Personalized

When it comes to engaging with your target audience, a little bit of personalization can go a long way in encouraging them to interact with your automotive business. Luckily, personalized information is one of the many benefits of choosing automotive direct mail advertising.

By including basic touches, like your customers’ names, onto your direct mail, your audience will be even more enticed to open your letter or promotion.

Some direct mail options even allow you to use specific fonts that mimic human handwriting, which makes your clients feel more cared for and appreciated. As a result, you’ll boost the response results for the program your dealership is marketing.

3.)   It’s Highly Targeted

The Benefits of Automotive Direct Mail AdvertisingDepending on the goals of your marketing strategy, direct mail allows you to target specific audiences more easily. All you have to do is contact a mailing list distributor who can provide you with a list of individuals who fit the demographics you’ve laid out.

So, regardless if you’re aiming to delight your existing customers or draw in new buyers, direct mail makes it simple to reach the audience that’s most likely to participate in your program. Ultimately, doing so saves your dealership both time and money.

4.)   It Offers Measurable Results

Part of what makes automotive direct mail advertising so successful is that it allows your team to evaluate the results without the use of complicated data.

By providing your customers with a coupon code for your program or promotion, figuring out the return on your campaign becomes that much simpler.

For example, you can use the direct mail coupon code to determine how many individuals participated versus how many people received your direct mailer. From there, your professionals can determine the success of your strategy and what to improve upon moving forward.

The Benefits of Automotive Direct Mail Advertising: Learn More!

The first step to any effective advertising campaign is to choose a platform that works for your dealership. And, thanks to all the benefits offered by automotive direct mail advertising, you’ll get a jump start on a marketing strategy that’ll drive traffic to your business and boost profit.

Ready to learn more about the perks of this marketing technique? All you have to do is consult the professional at Aspen Automotive by giving us a call or sending us an email today!