Personal URL (PURL) Programs for Your Dealership

Automotive Personal URL (PURL) Programs

Your customers like to be treated like individuals, not just faces in a crowd. So, to help your dealership infuse some personalization into your next marketing campaign, you need to choose the right approach, the right technology, and the right agency.

Fortunately, the team at Aspen Automotive has years of experience in harnessing the powers of modern technology to create an automotive advertising strategy that compels your audience to engage with your business.

With the help of advanced, individualized auto marketing technique, like personal URL (PURL) programs, you’ll increase the response rate to your next campaign. To learn more about how we use this method to generate leads for your dealership, click the links on this page!

Benefits of PURL Programs

Personal URL (PURL) Programs Ready to find out about the benefits your dealerships will see by incorporating personalized URL programs into your marketing strategy? Check them out:

  • Increased Response Rate: Convenience means a lot to modern-day buyers. Rather than needing to mail a postcard back to your dealership in response to your offer, PURLs allow individuals to take part in your promotion or provide their contact information from a simple, customized landing page. Without the added convenience of PURL programs, your team is likely to see higher response rates to your next auto advertising strategy.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Instead of landing on a generic web page that doesn’t offer any personalized information, a PURL provides your audience with a web address that contains their own name. Not only do personal details boost the chances of your customer typing the address into their browser out of curiosity, but they also add another level of convenience that delights both new and regular customers.
  • Data Insights: Thanks to the instantaneous data results you can glean from a personalized URL program, you’ll understand more about your customers’ needs while also measuring the results of your marketing campaign. Therefore, you’ll have more information to guide you through your future auto advertising strategies.

Our Automotive PURL Programs

Benefits of PURL ProgramsNo matter if you’re focusing your marketing efforts on an email or direct mail platform, personalized URLs are perfect for a variety of formats.

For instance, if you’re planning to roll out an email marketing plan to your targeted audience, embedding a PURL link into the message makes it simple for your customers to connect with their customized landing page. All they have to do is click the link and view the individualized information you’ve included in the PURL.

Otherwise, personalized URL links that are paired with a direct mailer can encourage the recipients to take a moment to type the address into their web browsers.

By leveraging the power of PURLs, your team will be well on its way to converting your leads into customers who come back to your dealership again and again.

Find Out More About Our Personal URL Programs Today!

Creating an integrated shopping experience for your customers should be every business’s objective, which is why PURL programs are a great choice to round out your company’s marketing approach.

With the expertise and assistance of the team at Aspen Automotive, we’ll help your auto dealership send out a personal URL program that generates leads, provides you with accurate data, and improves your company’s revenue.

To learn more about our PURL marketing options, take a look at the links on this page or give us a call to speak directly with our professionals!