Pop Card Promotions for Your Dealership

Dealership Promotions

Your business’s advertisements need to be just as eye-catching as they are informative. That way, you’ll hook your customers into engaging with your message with bold, vibrant images and colors.

One of the best formats for an attention-grabbing advertisement is POP (point-of-purchase) card promotions. With this tactic, you’ll take your automotive marketing campaign a step beyond your typical advertising strategy.

Luckily, Epsilon Individual Automotive has years of experience in crafting pop card promotions that generate leads and help your dealership and your team reach your revenue goals.

Ready to learn more about how we use our expertise to guide you to marketing success? Check out our POP card promotion resources on this page!

Types of POP Card Promotions

Card PromotionsFor the most part, there are two general types of pop card promotions. The first is a pop-up piece of promotional mail that features some type of 3D design.

These direct mail resources add a dose of eye-catching architecture to your dealership’s advertisement that shows that you’re not only innovative, but you’re also committed to an enjoyable customer experience—right down to the mailers you send your customers.

As a result, the recipients of your campaign are more likely to consider your business when it’s time for them to find a new car.

In addition, POP (Point-of-Purchase) card promotions include branded materials that are placed throughout your showroom to provide your consumers with special coupons, informational flyers, vehicle brochures, and other items that nurture your leads.

Usually, these products are conveniently located near the place of purchase (or point of purchase). So, to give your buying customers more information about the other services your dealership offers, place these POP card promotions near your team’s financing desks.

That way, your patrons can learn more about your service center and warranties before they sign on the dotted line.

Automotive POP Card Promotions: The Benefits

Increased Customer SpendingAside from their obvious versatility, POP card promotions equip your automotive business with a long list of additional benefits that help your dealership thrive. Let’s review them!

Increased Customer Spending: Due to the fact that roughly 82 percent of buying decisions are made in-store, you want to arm your dealership with advertisements and helpful information that’ll drive sales.1 By providing your customers with convenient literature on your business, you’ll give them the assurance they need to take action and finalize a purchase.

Improved Brand Awareness: Positioning your dealership as a though-leader in the auto dealer industry is the key to encouraging strangers to stop by for a visit. Well, that’s precisely why POP card promotions are so critical to marketing success. Not only do they give your customers the positive reinforcement they need to do business with you, but they also create an immersive brand experience that delights both your new clients and return consumers.

Boosts Impulse Purchases: The right POP card promotional materials can push a customer who’s teetering on the edge of purchase to take the leap and buy a car from your showroom. Why? Point-of-purchase promotions increase confidence in the consumer by instilling positive messages and imagery into their dealership experience, which can often result in closing a deal.

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At Epsilon Individual Automotive, we believe that the key to your dealership’s revenue goals lies within a perfectly-executed automotive marketing plan that’s designed by a team of experts.

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