What is Dealership Templated Mail?

Dealership Templated Mail

You want your dealership’s brand to be instantly recognizable. That’s why it’s important to make your advertisements stand out from the other items that land in your customers’ mailboxes. Well, achieving this is as simple as opting for dealership templated direct mailers that are infused with your brand’s personality.

Fortunately, the marketing team at Aspen Automotive has spent years crafting dealership templated mailers that are customized to fit the unique characteristics of your one-of-a-kind brand. So, what is dealership templated mail, and what are its benefits? We’re here to help you learn more. Let’s begin!

What is Dealership Templated Mail?

Automotive Direct Mail Flyer In short, dealership templated mail is direct mail that’s specifically designed to reflect your dealership’s brand. Instead of collaborating with your automotive advertising agency to build each mailer from scratch, pre-designed dealership templates give you the ability to modify preset elements, remove old details, and replace the message with fresh copy for your upcoming campaign.

For the most part, dealership direct mail templates come in a variety of formats—from postcards or letters to flyers and more. That way, you’re free to choose the platform that works best for your dealership’s automotive marketing efforts and your customers’ needs.

Benefits of Dealership Templated Mail

Now that you know what dealership templated mailers are, it’s time to flesh out the benefits of this convenient, automotive direct mail format.

Cuts Down on Design Time

Not only does dealership templated mail cut down on creation time, but it also makes it easier for your team to adjust automotive mailers to align with the needs and lifestyles of your various target audiences.

Rather than creating separate mailers that are personalized to each of your target markets, dealership mail templates make it simple for your team to edit the photos, text, colors, graphics, and more of your automotive direct mailers to suit the lifestyles of your customers.

What does that mean for your dealership? Less time spent crafting your direct mail campaign and more time spent reaping the benefits of this data-driven marketing method.

Better Layout

personalized URLsMore often than not, templated direct mailers are put together by an experienced team of designers from an automotive marketing agency, such as Aspen Automotive.

That means that the structure of your mailers is built to grab attention and keep your consumers interested until they decide to take action.

For instance, templated mailers feature clear, easy-to-spot calls-to-action that stand out from the rest of the copy on your dealership’s direct mail, so that your buyers will know exactly how to engage with your team.

Likewise, dealership templated mail is designed to put the most important information center stage on your advertisement, like pURLs, QR Codes, and other tools that your leads need to participate in your offer.

Enhanced Performance Analysis

Thanks to your dealership’s pre-built, customized template, you’ll always have a place to incorporate trackable information that helps your team analyze how your campaign performs.

From total cost to sales data and customer response rate, dealership templated mail provides your automotive business with the ability to measure the performance of each direct mail marketing campaign. That way, you can capitalize on the aspects of your strategy that worked in the future.

Automotive Direct Mail Marketing

Customize Your Dealership Templated Mail Today!

At Aspen Automotive, we strive to help our valued clients construct effective automotive direct mail campaigns that make the most of your time and budget.

By working with our team of marketing masterminds and creative gurus, you’ll be armed with a pre-set direct mail template that’s tailored to your brand and sure to drive more business to your showroom.

Ready to learn more about our options? Feel free to give us a call or send us an email today!