What is an Example of Effective Direct Mail for Dealerships?

Effective Direct Mail When it comes to creating a marketing strategy for your dealership, using direct mail is an effective way to reach current and future clients. Fortunately for you, our team at Aspen Automotive has spent over 30 years perfecting automotive direct mail marketing. What does this mean for you? Simply said, you’ll have access to a team of marketing experts who will take your strategy to the next level.

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What is Direct Mail

Target AudienceDirect mail is a type of marketing that includes sending physical products to your targeted audience. This includes merchandise, mail, promotions, and more. In order to send direct mail, you first have to determine who your targeted audience is. This can include general demographics, income, credit score, and loan amount on their current ride.

Direct mail in marketing is quite effective despite the surge to digital marketing. In fact, direct mail generated 57 percent of campaign response rates while email generated 6.2 percent and searches producing 3.8 percent of responses.

Now that you have a better idea of what direct mail is, let’s take a look at three examples of effective direct mail marketing.

Three Examples of Effective Direct Mail for Dealerships

When you’re looking to run an effective direct mail marketing campaign there are a few different ways you can make your mailers stand out from the crowd. Below, we’ve listed three different examples of direct mail for dealerships. Let’s get started!

1. Get Creative

One example of effective direct mail marketing includes using bright colors that grab the attention of the recipient. Think about the ways you can incorporate color theory into your direct mailers.

When you’re running a loyalty or trade-in promotion consider using green. That’s because green is often associated with money and wealth. Furthermore, green works to harmonize the brain and encourages decisiveness.

Are you running a sale? Try and incorporate red as it creates a sense of urgency and immediately pulls the attention of the view.

2. Think Outside the Box

Mailer DesignWho says that direct mail only means sending out a traditional envelope? When you’re planning your direct mail strategy, don’t be afraid to think outside the box by using boxes, catalogs, and postcards. Let’s take a look at the benefits each type of mailer offers:

  • Dimensional mailers: These mailers are extremely unique and piques the attention of recipients. This helps increase response rate and pass-along value, too.
  • Catalogs: These are great to showcase your vehicle lineup, your staff and services, and any upcoming promotions. This way, you can include lots of information all at once.
  • Postcards: These small hand-sized mailers that don’t require envelopes, are rather inexpensive, and can be sent in multiple sizes.

When you’re creating your marketing campaign, think up different ways you can send your mailers.

3. Get Personal

Sending a personalized letter produces a sense of nostalgia, so don’t be afraid to include personalization in your direct mailers. One easy way you can personalize your mailers is simply by adding the recipient’s name. This in itself will help your recipient feel more connected to your dealership and feel even more valued.

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