Explore New Ways to Spice Up Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Spice up your direct mail campaignWe live in a digital age, but direct mail marketing is never obsolete. With the number of emails that are sent and received every day, it’s no wonder that only about 20 to 30 percent of emails are actually opened.* On the other hand, consumers open up to 90 percent of their direct mail.*

With those numbers, it’s clear that direct mail marketing is just as effective today as it was decades ago. Still, sometimes you need to make your mail stand out to get noticed. To help you do that, Aspen Automotive explores new ways to spice up your direct mail marketing campaign.

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How to Make Your Direct Mail Campaign Stand Out

Spice up your direct mail

Between bills, personal letters, and marketing offers, there’s a lot of variety in the average person’s mailbox. When you’re planning a direct mail marketing campaign, you’ll want to focus on how your mailer can set itself apart. Not only will you want your audience to notice your envelope first, but you’ll want them to remember you, too. Some of the ways you can do that include:


While you’ll get the occasional manila envelope or seasonal holiday card, your mailbox is mostly made up of white envelopes. This gives you a great opportunity to catch the reader’s eye with some bright, colorful mailers.

Whether you’re sending a postcard or a letter, incorporating things like contrasting colors, bold designs, or a fun font can go a long way. Get in touch with our team at Aspen Automotive, and we’ll help you design a piece of mail that’s sure to catch the attention of your readers.


Getting in touch with someone’s senses is another way to make sure they’re drawn to your mailer. Using textured paper is a simple yet effective choice for helping your card or envelope stand out in any stack of mail.


Scent is the sense most closely tied to memory. That makes it a perfect tool for getting a recipient to remember your mailer. You could send them something with a seasonal scent or maybe an envelope that hits you with that new-car smell once it’s opened.


Personalizing a mailer establishes a better connection with people. Think about it. What are you more likely to open, a letter that says, “Dear Resident,” or one that has your name on it? If you want to take this a step further, you could handwrite the address or use a pen machine that can create the appearance of handwriting.


In addition to bright colors and unique textures, your mail can also set itself apart by opening up to reveal more layers. Whether you decide to use a C-fold, letter-folded, or gate-folded direct mailer, multi-folded mailers just feel more fun. They also get the reader involved by having them physically unfold your mailer.


Much like folding mailers, 3-dimensional mailers open up to reveal more. The same is true for lumpy mail. While it may not be in a box, lumpy mail could include swag like keychains or magnets. In a sea of envelopes, both options offer a nice, memorable change of pace.


Augmented Reality and direct mailLots of mailers can and should include features like QR codes and personalized URLS (PURLs). They give leads and customers an easy way to redeem offers, sign up for rewards programs, and make purchases. If you want to take things to the next level, use those features to access augmented reality.

This technology allows your audience to view a digital image overlaid on their smartphone camera. That gives you a chance to bring leads and customers inside your showroom, behind the wheel of a specific model, or it lets them see how a new car would look in their garage.


Another way you can differentiate your mailers is by using video. This high-tech option is sure to stand out. With a small screen and speaker inside, it lets you quickly deliver lots of information. It’s also user-friendly. There are no instructions. As soon as the mailer is open, the video starts playing.


No matter which one of these options appeals to you, Aspen Automotive can help you incorporate it into your mailers. We produce everything in house and we specialize in targeted mailing lists, so your marketing materials will end up in the right mailboxes.

Contact us to explore new ways to spice up your direct mail marketing campaign and get started!