Direct Mail FAQ’s

Mail Marking

Are you curious about what direct mail is and what it can do for your car dealership? You’re in the right place!

Below, Aspen Auto Marketing answers all your questions about direct mail. Learn more about direct mail marketing and the strategies we offer, then reach out to our team to start your next campaign.

What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail is an advertising strategy that can attract new and returning customers to your business. By physically sending your product, promotion, or company directly to your customers, you can stand out and create more personal, engaging relationships.

Why Use Direct Mail?

Direct Mail EmailingAlthough many businesses instinctively go for digital advertising, direct mail can provide many benefits for your dealership. Direct mail holds both a nostalgic and exciting feeling for many. In fact, 41% of Americans of all ages still look forward to getting the mail each day.*

With statistics like that, you can market your dealership to a captive audience and draw in more business.

How Does Direct Mail Target Customers?

You want to make sure the right promotions and products are getting to the right people. To make that happen, we use automotive data solutions. We can better direct mail using certain demographics of your audience, including:

  • Household income
  • Household size
  • Location
  • Marital status
  • Vehicle history

Demographic data can help us better understand what your customers want. If, for example, one household has a history of buying larger, pre-owned vehicles, we can direct them to your pre-owned SUV inventory, so they’re more likely to engage with you.

What Are Direct Mail Marketing Programs?

Mailers Along with targeting your audience based on certain demographics, direct mail marketing covers a range of different strategies, depending on your needs, customer needs, and the time of year. Some of the programs we offer at Aspen Auto Marketing include:

  • Interactive Direct Mail
  • Seasonal/Holiday Promotions
  • Pop Card Promotions
  • Loyalty Promotions
  • Trade-In Promotions

Is Direct Mail as Effective as Email?

With so many businesses accessible right on our phones, how does direct mail stand out from digital advertising like emails? Think about the number of emails you receive in one day. It’s hard enough to sort through all of your unread emails let alone take action from one.

Marketing studies have found that while only 20% to 30% of emails are opened, up to 90% of direct mail is opened.* Direct mail stands out from the noise of numerous emails, and it puts you in a better position to gain more interested customers.

What Do We Provide for Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign?

Aspen Auto Marketing has the skills and experience to create and execute an effective direct mail marketing campaign for your dealership. We have automotive data solutions to target the right customers and our in-house production studio to design an eye-catching advertisement.

Our studio is home to one of the largest printing facilities in the industry, meaning we can have your mail out for delivery in as little as 72 hours.

Start Your Direct Mail Campaign With Aspen Auto Marketing

Direct mail marketing can benefit your dealership by catching the eyes of new customers and valuing returning customers, too. To learn more about how Aspen Auto Marketing can help you start your next direct mail marketing campaign, contact us today!