Landing Page vs Microsite

Landing pages and microsites are common tools to provide a personalized digital touch to your marketing campaign. These days, many marketers are even offering these customizable pages as a follow-up to direct mail pieces that potential customers can access. So, what’s the difference between landing pages and microsites?

The marketing team at Epsilon Individual Automotive is here to dig into landing pages vs. microsites so you know which to use when creating your next automotive marketing campaign.

What’s the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Microsite?

SEO dataWhile both microsites and landing pages are places on the internet that your customers can visit, they do have different purposes.

Microsites are small websites. These sites are typically only four or five pages and are made for a specific goal. Companies may use microsites to provide information about an event they’re running or highlight a certain product or nonprofit they support.

A landing page is a page on a business’s website that a potential customer may visit first, especially when arriving at a site via an advertisement. These are singular pages that prompt the lead to take action rather than provide a lot of information. Landing pages are also typically part of the main website of a business.

Features of a Landing Page

Landing pages have one goal: to get your potential customer to take a specific action. What that action is may depend on the goals of your marketing campaign. Many landing pages encourage customers to:

  • Make an account
  • Sign up for marketing materials
  • Make a purchase or schedule an appointment

There are two kinds of landing pages: click-through landing pages and lead-generation landing pages. Click-through landing pages encourage customers to make a purchase or opt in to a subscription or schedule an appointment. They will take someone right to the process to do that.

Lead-generation landing pages are designed to collect customer’s information, including consumer interests, names, and emails, in order to convert those visitors into customers in the future.

Features of a Microsite

People watching VideoMicrosites are often not permanent websites. The microsite comes down once the campaign, promotion, or event has finished. This prevents the microsite from causing confusion or from creating competition with the main website.

Microsites typically have a separate domain from the main website. This keeps them separate while also allowing the microsite to focus solely on providing specific information. These sites are great for addressing one subset of customers and creating more control over the type of product they’re viewing.

On a microsite, you can include a variety of tools to help inform the customer. Dealerships may include a virtual tour of a specific vehicle or a payment calculator to help customers determine if that model is within their budget.

Create a Landing Page or Microsite to Accompany Your Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Landing pages and microsites can make a great digital addition to an automotive direct mail marketing campaign. The experts at Epsilon Individual Automotive can help create personalized landing pages and microsites for customers who receive your mailers to create a more personalized experience that addresses their needs.

Contact us to begin your next automotive direct mail campaign and technology solutions.