Direct Mail Marketing vs Email Marketing

When you’re considering your next approach to your automotive marketing campaign, you may find yourself debating between two options: direct mail marketing and email marketing. Both can be effective marketing tools, helping to drive customers to your service center or get them behind the wheel of a vehicle on your lot.

How do you know which is right for your campaign? The experts at Epsilon Individual Automotive are here to help. Below, we’ll explore the benefits of both marketing methods, as well as some use cases for both marketing approaches.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketingCustomer searching online involves sending messages to someone’s digital inbox. There are several benefits to email marketing, some of which include its convenience.

Email marketing delivers messages instantly once your marketing team presses ‘send’. Your customers can access the email right away and learn about the promotion or advertisement you’re running, then quickly take action in response.

Compared to some other marketing methods, email marketing is cost-effective. Since it’s digital, there is no physical component that needs to be paid for, and its success rate is easily trackable. Just monitor the number of opens and click-throughs that your email receives.

Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

opening mailDirect mail marketing has been a reliable way of reaching customers long before the advent of email marketing. It’s tangible, allowing customers to touch it, hold onto it, and revisit it if they keep it in their home. Direct mail tends to be a more memorable form of marketing.

Direct mail is also highly customizable. You can create a personal connection with potential customers and integrate technologies such as personalized URLs or QR codes.

For a high response rate, direct mail is an effective strategy. It boasts an average response rate of 9 percent for house lists and 4.9 percent for prospect lists.1

Which Option Is Right for Your Next Marketing Push?

While both marketing methods serve different purposes, email and direct mail marketing can complement each other. A multi-channel approach can reach your customers in both the physical and virtual worlds.

Your direct mail marketing campaign can be an excellent way to connect with a customer for the first time, establish brand awareness, and encourage them to visit your dealership or website.

Once they’ve responded to the call-to-action of your mailer, you can follow up with an email. This method is a quick and easy way to engage with your customers, remind them of any ongoing promotions, and keep your dealership top of mind.

Both direct mail and email marketing give you the opportunity to segment your audience and target them with personalized, relevant promotions that meet their individual needs.

Create Your Next Automotive Marketing Campaign

If you’re ready to plan your next automotive direct mail or email marketing campaign, turn to the experts at Epsilon Individual Automotive. Our team can help you develop your next marketing effort, including aspects like data, design, and integrated technology.

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