The Significance of Timing in Direct Mail

Now more than ever, information flows faster and reaches more people. Whereas consumers and businesses may feel oversaturated by the influx of digital marketing, direct mail marketing can provide a more personal touch. When timed right, direct mail marketing can cut through the noise of everyday life and provide consumers with something new using a different medium. 

With the right timing strategy, you can enhance the impact of your direct mail marketing. To help you learn more about improving your direct mail timing, Epsilon Individual Automotive has put together a guide to lay out essential information for delivering a successful campaign. 

Work Backwards to Map Out Your Mailing Schedule 

SEO dataIt’s no secret that the digital age has changed how dealerships interact with consumers. By understanding when to send out your direct mail marketing, you can set the stage using a strategically timed campaign for the best possible results. 

Did you know direct mail sent early in the week carries a higher response rate? Mail delivered on Tuesdays typically has the highest response rates overall—with Wednesdays and Thursdays not far behind. Meanwhile, mail that arrives on Fridays carries the lowest success rate.1 

It’s essential to understand mail delivery timeframes. In the United States, standard mail typically delivers between 10 to 14 days, although that can vary due to factors within the postal system. First Class, however, takes just two to five days to arrive.1 

These Things Impact Direct Mail Timing 

Direct mail is impactful when you precisely market to your dealership’s audience. Create a plan to maximize response rates by knowing what to send, when to send it—and who to send it to as part of your campaign. 

Keep these in mind as you consider Epsilon Individual Automotive’s direct mail marketing: 

Time of Year 

Seasonal mail isn’t just about knowing when to send a holiday promotion. Rather, direct mail follows the ebbs and flows of culture and festivities. Months like July, when consumers are likely to be traveling or otherwise engaged—as well as December—prove to be bad times to send direct mail; consumers may be uninterested in hearing. 

Throughout the year, though, monthly specials are an effective form of direct mail marketing that offers exclusive driver discounts, cashback promotions, and other dealership-based specials. Epsilon Individual Automotive can help attract added attention to your dealership with these specials. 

mail stackExternal Factors 

Unexpected events—such as weather, local incidents, or global events—can impact the timing of your direct mail. Delivery times might be disrupted during these times, which can inadvertently date your campaign or leave consumers with expired offers. Always be prepared for delayed deliveries. 

Additionally, factors like economic conditions can influence your message and offers. When planning your direct mail campaigns, consider your target audience’s demographics—like household income, occupation, marital status, and location. Our team will work with you to solidify a plan of action that matches your target demographics with every direct mailer. 

Ways to Streamline Your Direct Mail Timing 

There’s no better way to time your direct mail campaigns than by mapping out the year. Mark any holidays, industry events, and planned promotions relevant to your dealerships and consumer needs. It’s critical to be as thorough as possible to ensure no stone is left unturned. 

Once the calendar year has been mapped out, break down each stage of your direct mail campaign. Work backward to finetune your lead times and gather all necessary data for an easy transition. Once the technical aspect of the campaign has been finalized, Epsilon Individual Automotive is happy to help you bring your direct mail campaign from ideation to mailbox delivery. Some of our services include: 

  • Crafting a marketing and timing plan 
  • Designing and printing materials in-house 
  • Providing up-to-date targeted lists 

Nail Your Timing in Direct Mail 

Direct mail marketing works in tandem with the rest of your marketing needs. By understanding the significance of timing in direct mail marketing, you can ensure a smoother road ahead for your dealership, your customers, and your prospects, too. 

Let Epsilon Individual Automotive lend a helping hand in your search for effective direct mail marketing. Contact us today.