6 Postcard Ideas for Marketing Your Dealership


Postcard marketing is all the rage—for good reason. It provides the perfect way for auto dealerships to draw in new customers and retain existing ones. Postcards can be attractive and touchable, and dealers should leverage this.

Creative development and strategic planning are the driving factors of effective postcard marketing. Understanding your audience and tailoring your message to their needs creates impactful postcards that drive action, and Epsilon Individual Automotive can help plan your next postcard marketing campaign.

Follow These Dealership Postcard Best Practices

Every marketing campaign requires a different approach—but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still use a handful of common practices to ensure the content is seen by more readers. As you plan your next postcard campaign for your dealership, remember to include these to enhance the likelihood of ROI:

  • Postcard ideas for your automotive dealershipUse vertical orientation: Since most mail is aligned horizontally, a vertical postcard can stand out amid other delivered mail.
  • Go for a bigger size: To stand out even further, go for a 5.5” x 8.5” postcard to increase readership. This also allows for more design space, a lucrative benefit in marketing.
  • Use high-resolution, attention-grabbing images: Clarity means everything in marketing—and that includes using large, quality photos. Low-resolution photos are generally associated with junk mail or untrustworthy senders.

With these basics, you can set the stage for success at the heart of your postcard campaign. Here are six great postcard ideas to use for your next dealership marketing campaign:

Showcase a Featured Vehicle

One tried-and-true approach is to make a featured vehicle the star of your postcard to capture the interest of potential buyers. Add high-quality photos, key features, and a compelling call to action to encourage the recipient to visit your dealership for a test drive. This not only puts your inventory on display but also creates excitement around a single model.

Announce Special Promotions

Postcards can be used to announce special sales promotions at the dealership. Special promotions that are for a limited time, are based around holidays, or offer exclusive discounts are a great way to make a statement. However, it’s important to make sure your card has all of the necessary info—things like the dates, terms and conditions, and a good CTA.

Invite Customers to an Exclusive Event

Organizing an exclusive event, like a VIP preview or a customer appreciation day, is a perfect way to engage your target audience. Send out personalized postcards with an invitation to the event, emphasizing the benefits of attending and event details. Recipients are bound to feel valued and will most likely attend the event.

Promote Service & Maintenance Specials

Make use of postcards to promote special offers to customers on service and maintenance at your dealership. For instance, highlight a special discount on oil changes, tire rotations, or brake inspections. You can also add a time-bound offer to create urgency for getting customers to book their service appointments.

Show Your Sales Team

Showcasing your sales team through postcards can help connect on a personal level with customers. You can include their pictures with brief bios about sales team members. This can help potential buyers feel more at ease and in touch with the team before they even arrive at the dealership. While this shouldn’t be the focus of the entire postcard, it’s a good design-based addition.

Postcard ideas for your automotive dealershipEmphasize Customer Testimonials

Another easy design choice could highlight happy customer testimonials to establish your dealership as trustworthy and approachable. You could use quotes from satisfied customers and put them together with pictures of the customers standing by their new cars. This tactic will show off your dealership as a great service—and also provide social proof to any potential buyers.

We’ll Write & Design Your Next Postcard Campaign

A successful postcard campaign combines creativity and strategic planning with an understanding of your target audience. Whether you’re showcasing, announcing special promotions, or inviting customers to exclusive events, Epsilon Individual Automotive can help plan, design, and send your dealership’s next postcard campaign.

Our experts work with you to come up with a strategy that will resonate with your audience and make them act. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us build a postcard campaign that appeals to your target audience and grows your base.