Automotive Direct Mail near Detroit, MI

With a nickname like Motor City, it’ll come as no surprise that Detroit, MI, has plenty of automotive history under its belt.

Of course, this resilient city boasts much more than its manufacturing roots—from the breezy Detroit Riverfront walk to the foodie-filled Eastern Market, you’ll stumble upon curiosity after curiosity in this redefined metropolis.

To make sure that your dealership shares in the recaptured spotlight that this town now occupies, you need to make your advertisements stand out.

Fortunately, the marketing professionals at Epsilon Individual Automotive are here to give you the inside scoop on how we help auto dealerships near Detroit, MI, increase sales and build healthy foundations for thriving businesses. Take a look!

Why Should My Dealership Choose Automotive Direct Mail?

Automotive LeadStaying true to the rich automotive history of Detroit requires a marketing campaign that’s designed to impart a positive image of your brand to your customers.

Well, automotive direct mail marketing is one of the best ways to make a lasting connection with strangers and long-time customers alike.

Ready to find out more about why auto direct mail is so effective? Check out these benefits of direct mail advertising:

Less Cognitive Effort

When compared to digital advertisements, direct mail proved to be much easier for the human brain to comprehend. According to a study from the Canada Post Corporation, direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to understand and results in higher brand recognition.1

What does that mean for your dealership? By opting for a thoughtful, data-driven direct mail campaign, you’ll increase the chances of your leads engaging with your advertisement and remembering your business down the road.

Attention-Grabbing Formats

Scannable QR CodeThink about it: opening your mailbox only to find a large envelope or personalized 3D mailer feels special. As yet another advantage of automotive direct mail marketing, it’s a versatile platform that allows you to fully wield your creativity.

So, regardless if you want to include a QR code on your mailer that ties back to a fun digital advertisement or video or create a clever ad that houses a coupon for your customers, direct mail is the true chameleon of the marketing world.

Personalized Messages

Modern technology allows for a level of personalization that most of us never thought was possible. That’s why it’s essential for your dealership to incorporate the same degree of personalization into your automotive direct mail campaigns.

Often times, details as small as including each customer’s first name on their mailer is enough to generate more leads and build relationships with new buyers.

Our Approach to Automotive Direct Mail near Detroit MI

Marketing DataNow that you know more about some of the benefits of kicking off your next direct mail campaign, it’s time for you to team up with an agency that’s experienced in all facets of the automotive marketing industry.

Luckily, the experts at Epsilon Individual Automotive are ready to assist you throughout the various steps of your direct mail strategy—from design to data mining to production and everything in between.

With the help of our insightful team of professionals, our in-house production facility, our advanced data technologies, and more, you’ll soon begin reaping the benefits of a well-executed direct mail campaign.

Design Your Automotive Direct Mail Campaign Today!

Boosting your dealership’s sales, increasing your ROI, and retaining customers is as simple as creating an attention-grabbing direct mailer that spurs its recipients into buying action.

Begin your journey down the path toward marketing success by giving our team a call or sending us an email today!