Automotive Direct Mail near Mount Laurel

As one of the most popular townships in the state of New Jersey, Mount Laurel offers lots of historic landmarks, cozy cafes, and picturesque parks for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

Thanks to the constant influx of new families settling down in Mount Laurel, NJ, your dealership always has the opportunity to bring in new customers.

Of course, the only way to do that is by designing an effective automotive direct mail campaign that’s lead by a team of experienced auto marketing professionals, like the ones at Epsilon Individual Automotive.

To learn more about how our team harnesses the power of direct mail to help dealerships across the country thrive, keep reading!

The Benefits of Automotive Direct Mail

Customized Automotive Direct MailKeeping your targeted audience engaged with what your dealership has to say is a top priority, right? Well, to achieve that, you need a tried and true automotive marketing method that combines the powers of personalization, versatility, and measurability.

Luckily, auto direct mail delivers on all of these marketing essentials and beyond.


At the end of the day, consumers can only give their undivided attention to a small percentage of the thousands of advertisements that they see within a span of 24 hours.

The ads that are mostly likely to snag your buyers’ attentions are the ones that are customized to address their specific demographics, lifestyles, needs, and desires.

Why is that the case? Well, individuals spend more time digesting content that speaks directly to who they are. The more time they spend reading, the higher the chance that they’ll opt to do business with your dealership.


Automotive Direct Mail DataAs yet another advantage of automotive direct mail, this medium provides you with an unparalleled level of creative versatility. No matter what type of strategy your dealership’s team is looking for, there’s a direct mail format that’s ideal for it.

From postcards to 3D prints to brochures, and everything in between, the chameleon effect offered by direct mail makes it the perfect choice for essentially any type of campaign.


Technically speaking, every type of marketing format is measurable. However, automotive direct mail truly shines in terms of its straightforward measurability.

Rather than requiring you to evaluate graphs, charts, and other analytics tools, measuring the results of an auto direct mail campaign is as simple as calculating the number of responses you received compared to the number of direct mailers your dealership sent.

Automotive Direct Mail near Marlton NJ: Our Approach

Direct Mail DesigningYour team needs an all-in-one solution to your automotive direct mail campaigns. At Epsilon, we’ve cultivated an agency where no stone is left unturned.

From our squad of industry-leading designers and our data-mining gurus to our in-house productions facility and cutting-edge technologies, we’re equipped to customize every detail of your direct mail strategy right down to the font color.

Once you’ve made the decision to team up with our marketing experts, you’ll reap the benefits of our personalized direct mail approach that hinges upon what’s best for your dealership. That way, you’ll see the results your business needs to thrive.

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