Automotive Direct Mail near Camp Hill, PA

When you own a dealership in a town as appealing to families and young professionals alike as Camp Hill, PA, your priority should be to ensure that you’re making a connection with the right customers at the right time.

Fortunately, automotive direct mail near Camp Hill, PA, provides you with the measurability, personalization, and audience targeting benefits that you need to boost your dealership’s revenue year over year.

How do you make sure that your direct mail efforts are reaching their intended audience and boosting sales for your auto dealer?

All you have to do is team up with the experienced automotive marketing professionals at Epsilon Individual Automotive. Ready to learn more about our direct mail methodology? Let’s get started!

Our Automotive Direct Mail Options near Camp Hill PA

Scannable QR CodesBefore we discuss why you should choose our automotive advertising agency, let’s first take a look at the many direct mail options that our team offers.

Interactive Programs

These days, it’s more important than ever before to incorporate a level of personalization into your dealership’s direct mail marketing campaign.

Well, our interactive direct mailers allow you to reach your targeted demographic in a whole new way—through the convenience of technology.

For instance, our interactive direct mail options can include things like scannable QR Codes, links to videos on your social media accounts, or customized websites made specifically for each customer.

Thanks to these innovative features, you’ll take your direct mail strategy to a whole new level and provide your consumers with content that’s truly valuable.

PURL (Personalized URL) Programs

As another facet of interactive direct mail near Camp Hill, PA, PURL programs incorporate an additional layer of personalization into your dealership’s automotive marketing campaign.

These direct mail links provide each target with a completely unique web address that features some type of identifying information, such as their first and/or last name. Once the recipient accesses the website address, they’ll be met with a page that’s dedicated exclusively to them.

The advantages of direct mail PURL programs are twofold: not only do they delight your dealership’s buyers with personalized content, but they also make response tracking easy.

As a result of this direct mail option, you’ll accurately determine the overall success of your campaign to understand what to do differently in the future.

Trade-In Promotions

Trade-In SpecialPromoting the best aspects of your dealership is an essential part of drawing new customers through your showroom doors. Luckily, our data-mining technologies allow your dealership to send trade-in promotions to buyers in your area who are ready to purchase a new car.

By doing so, you’ll present individuals who are most likely to purchase a new car with an offer that’ll encourage them to choose your dealership.

Why Choose Epsilon Individual Automotive?

Of course, the automotive direct mail options we’ve outlined on this page are only a few of the many approaches our team has devised. That’s why it’s time for you to learn more about all the data-driven, interactive marketing solutions we can equip your dealership with to increase customer engagement and provide you with a solid return on investment.

Over the years, we’ve helped over 10,000 auto dealerships across the country achieve their sales goals. Once we’ve equipped you with a solid direct mail campaign, all you’ll need to focus on is your business’s success.

Automotive Direct Mail near Camp Hill PA: Learn More Today!

At Epsilon Individual Automotivee, we’re committed to helping your dealership thrive with a time-tested direct mail approach, an in-house production facility, and an accurate database.

So, if you’re ready to join the thousands of dealerships across the country who have established a solid business foundation by working with us, simply give us a call or send us an email today!