Direct MailerThere’s no denying the one-of-a-kind culture, identity, and history found in the bustling city streets and suburbs of Boston, MA.

Well, to engage with an audience this unique, it’s essential that any business explores advertising methods that push the envelope and get your dealership’s message directly into the hands of your ideal customers. Well, that’s precisely what direct mail marketing achieves.

From its tangibility to its easy digestibility, automotive direct mail reaches your consumers in a way that digital advertising can’t.

Luckily, Epsilon Individual Automotive, your direct mail company near Boston, MA, is here to help you learn all of the ways in which this time-tested advertising approach can boost your bottom line. Learn more about how direct mail and our marketing professionals can push your dealership to the top of your audience’s minds.

Direct Mail near Boston MA: What is Direct Marketing?

Marketing CampaignJust as its name suggests, direct marketing is a type of advertising that goes directly to your customers without the involvement of a middleman (i.e. a TV or radio network). By skipping over the middleman, your dealership has more control over the various aspects of your message.

In addition, direct marketing provides you with a better understanding of how each advertisement you put out fits into your business’s overall brand identity. That way, you can create a more cohesive mission for your brand that’s easily understood by your targeted audience.

Direct Marketing vs Direct Mail

Now, let’s first define where direct mail fits under the larger umbrella of direct marketing. We like to think of direct mail as one of the many children of direct marketing.

But what makes direct mail different from other types of direct marketing approaches? That’s simple: direct mail is physical and tangible. Thanks to the presence of automotive direct mail, you’re able to connect with your audience in a way that isn’t possible with digital marketing methods.

Whether you opt for a uniquely textured paper for your dealership’s next postcard or take your mailers into three dimensions, the creative possibilities of this advertising format are nearly endless. At the end of the day, these details add personality to your business’s message and help you build a well-defined brand identity.

Target MarketingOf course, this is just one of the many benefits of automotive direct mail. Some of the other advantages of this marketing medium are as follows:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Easy measurability
  • Improved response rates
  • High targetability
  • Customer familiarity and more


According to a study published by the United States Postal Service, 53 percent of households read advertising mailers all the way through, while 21 percent scanned their mailers in 2017.1

What does this mean for your dealership’s automotive marketing campaigns? Direct mail is thoroughly digested and read by the majority of its recipients. At the end of the day, that means more prospective buyers and increased revenue for your business.

Examples of Direct Mail

To help you fully envision your next automotive direct mail campaign, let’s take a look at some of the most effective examples of this advertising technique:

3D Mailers

Varying the textures, angles, and dimensions of your dealership’s mailers will increase customers’ desire to spend more time with your message. By incorporating three dimensions into your direct mail design, you’ll automatically increase the excitement that the recipient feels when they open up their mailbox.

Immediately, your audience wonders what could possibly be contained within the mailer, which improves the chances that they’ll actually open it. The result? A better chance that each recipient will take the action that you direct them toward in your message.


Automotive Direct Mail MarketingFor high-intent buyers, there’s nothing more useful than in-depth information about a certain product that they may be researching. Fortunately, brochures and catalogs are the perfect medium for more detailed information about your dealership’s vehicle models, service center, and everything between.

To make this type of direct mail even more personalized, you’ll want to dig into your dealership’s customer data and put your customers into different categories based on the models that they’re interested in. That way, they’ll receive a brochure that’s filled with information that pertains to their exact shopping habits.


Sometimes, simple direct mail formats, like postcards and letters, offer the most success for advertisers. For instance, postcards provide your customers with only the information that they need to know to complete their buying journey.

This allows your leads to quickly read your dealership’s message and understand what they need to do to take advantage of your offer without taking up too much of their time.

On top of that, postcards and letters are ideal for adding personalized details to your message, such as each customer’s name. Ultimately, these extra details create a more intimate experience for your consumers while they’re familiarizing themselves with what your business offers.


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