Direct Mail Company near California

Operating any type of business in the Golden State means catering to a variety of audiences—from the wine country enthusiasts of NorCal to the sunbathers of SoCal.

Well, the experts at Epsilon Individual Automotive have turned direct mail and data-driven marketing solutions into an art form. An art form that’s brought success to over 10,000 dealerships across the United States and Canada.

Before you invest in a direct mail company near California, however, it pays to learn more about our unique process and see some examples of just how far direct mail can take your dealership. That’s why we’re here with this convenient guide to our tried and true automotive marketing methodology. Let’s check it out!

Our Direct Mail Company near California: How We Can Help

Direct Mailers

At Epsilon, we’ve established a clear-cut approach to helping our clients achieve their automotive marketing objectives: data, digital, direct. Now, what exactly does that mean for you?

In short, this process serves as the blueprint for every direct mail campaign that we run. Of course, any methodology needs a solid foundation, which is why it all starts with clean, accurate data.


To roll out an effective ad campaign, you need to know your audience, right? Luckily, our innovative data platforms supply us with exclusive insights into your customers.

For example, SureDrive™ data provides our team with specific details on the type of vehicle that your ideal consumers already own—right down to the year, make, model, purchase date, and more.

That way, you can compile multiple lists of buyers based on their vehicle or purchase preferences and tailor your direct mailers to each audience segment. The result? Higher response rates for your personalized direct mail strategy.


QR Codes

The benefits of direct mail marketing are only enhanced by the addition of digital advertising techniques. Due to the ease of access provided by digital techniques, our direct mailers can reach an even wider audience of potential buyers.

By incorporating QR codes, personalized URLs (pURLs), and other technologies into your dealership’s campaign, your customers will be eager to engage with your mailer. Plus, digital solutions make it even easier for us to track the real-time response rate of your campaign, which gives you instant insight into how each strategy performs with different audiences.


Of course, we can’t forget to discuss the core of our team’s approach to automotive advertising: direct mail. Instead of opting for run-of-the-mill direct mail techniques, we customize every detail of our campaigns to your dealership’s specific brand persona and sales objectives.

Thanks to our experience in the automotive advertising industry, we know that every car dealer is different, which is why each campaign should reflect your brand’s unique voice.

Regardless if you’re hoping to attract more buyers with promotional postcards, increase excitement for a new model release with a detailed brochure, or keep your customers coming back for more with loyalty mailers, our team will guide you through every step of the process.

Some of our most popular direct mail formats include:

  • Holiday promotions
  • POP cards
  • Finance promotions
  • pURL programs and more

No matter what your advertising goals may be, our automotive direct mail expertise will help your dealership build a solid ROI and improve revenue year over year.

Examples of Direct Mail: A Closer Look

Direct Mail Deals

To give you a clearer picture of what some of your dealership’s direct mail campaigns will look like after choosing our direct mail company near California, we’re here with a few examples. Let’s take a look:

Buyback Offers

Like we mentioned above, Epsion’s exclusive databases allow us to understand your audience in a way that you never thought possible. By accessing information about individuals in your customer base who are on the verge of trading in their vehicle, you can target those buyers with buyback offers.

These mailers provide them with an estimated value of their trade-in vehicle, which encourages them to bring their business to your dealership.

QR Code Mailers

These days, customers crave a new level of interaction with their favorite brands. Fortunately, the simple addition of a scannable QR code onto your direct mailers can boost both response rates and ROI.

QR Mailers

For instance, instead of listing your dealership’s service specials on a mailer, you can use a QR code create an immersive shopping experience. All they’ll have to do is scan the code with their smartphone and scroll through a list of personalized offers from your dealership.

Video-Centric Ads

Speaking of customer interaction, video is one of the best advertising formats for all types of shoppers. Plus, video works perfectly in a direct mail strategy that features a new model that’s due to arrive at your showroom. All you have to do is include a URL to the video on your dealership’s direct mailers. From there, your targeted audience can type the URL into their web browser and view the video online. It’s that simple.

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Now that you know a little bit more about our time-tested approach to automotive direct mail success, it’s time for your dealership to reap the sales-boosting, customer-delighting benefits of this advertising technique.

Well, the team at Epsilon Individual Automotive is ready to take the wheel and steer your next campaign down the road of marketing success—from design to production to result tracking and more.

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