Direct Mail Company near Massachusetts

Lobster, football, and revolutionary tea parties aren’t the only things that Massachusetts is known for. Most importantly, the unique, unmistakable spirit and history bestowed upon this state by its residents are what make it such an iconic area to live.

Capturing the hearts of an audience as scrupulous as Massachusetts residents is the key to driving success for any nearby business.

That’s why it’s important to team up with an automotive advertising agency that knows exactly how to leverage direct mail for profitable results. Well, that’s where Epsilon Individual Automotive, your direct mail company near Massachusetts, comes into play.

By using our high-quality data resources, our innovative technologies, and our penchant for creative direct mail marketing, you’ll reach your dealership’s objectives and delight customers.

Direct Mail Companies near Massachusetts: The Epsilon Way

Direct Mail Data

Direct mail is more than a simple piece of paper that features your dealership’s contact info and a call to action. At Epsilon, we like to push the envelope of automotive direct mail marketing by way of our unique designs, data-driven technologies, in-house production facility, and our other advertising solutions.

With our commitment to the three central pillars of a successful direct mail campaign (data, digital, and direct), our team will help you build a strategy that increases revenue and customer engagement for your dealership. Let’s take a closer look at our fully customized advertising methodology:


Customized direct mail gets better results. But to achieve the impressive response rates associated with personalized advertisements, you need to dig into your customer data. That’s why our data-mining gurus utilize advanced databases from which they can pull information about each of your buyers.

From there, they’ll segment your customers into different audiences based on their demographics, credit scores, shopping histories, and more. This process ensures that your team can effectively target different subsets of your customer base with personalized, meaningful direct mailers.


There’s nothing quite as effective as the utilization of two automotive marketing powerhouses. Well, we leverage the benefits of both direct mail and digital marketing to create an immersive customer experience.

By pairing your direct mail with digital strategies, you can add more depth to your message. Whether you include a scannable QR code on your promotion or add a personalized URL (pURL) to a mailed brochure, digital techniques encourage consumers to engage.


Direct Mailer

You can’t have direct mail without direct marketing. Essentially, direct marketing is sent from your dealership or direct mail company to your customers’ mailboxes, thereby eliminating additional costs.

Rather than outsourcing our printing process, we’ve built an in-house production facility that allows your team to churn out the highest quality mailers at a competitive price. Thanks to our capabilities, our team will handle every step of your direct mail marketing campaign from start to finish.

Examples of Direct Mail

Now that you’re more familiar with our direct mail marketing methodology, let’s dive into a few mailers that align with our team’s best practices.

Push the Envelope

Suspense sells, and there’s nothing quite as exciting as receiving a large, bulky envelope in the mail. Upon seeing it, customers immediately want to know what’s inside.

Due to the suspense and intrigue caused by your direct mailer, your targeted audience is more likely to remember your business in the future, which only improves the chances that they’ll decide to make a purchase from your dealership.

Take Mail to New Dimensions

Direct Mail Design

It’s not every day that you receive a 3-dimensional direct mailer in your mailbox. While lumpy envelopes are technically considered 3D mailers, using more than two dimensions in the design of the mailer makes for a more interesting consumer experience.

With the additional of eye-catching colors, foldable edges, and more, 3D designs take your dealership’s messages and promotions to the next level.

Send Samples

Looking for a way to get customers interested in a new vehicle? Why not send them some samples of the carpet and other materials found inside the cabin.

Alternatively, you could include exterior color swatches printed on paper with your mailer to get your buyers thinking about all the different hues they can choose for their new ride.

Of course, these are only a few examples of the direct mail techniques used by the team at our direct mail company near Massachusetts. To find out about our other direct mail formats, contact our team today!

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