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From the natural wonders set atop Mount Bohemia to the timeless masterpieces tucked away in the confines of the Detroit Institute of Arts, there’s no shortage of landmarks to explore in Michigan.

Of course, in a state so vast, it’s important to make sure that your business stands out amidst all of the exciting destinations. Well, instead of adding your dealership’s voice to the crowd of other businesses vying for buyers’ attentions, why not take the time-tested, lead-generating approach of direct mail?

Luckily, Epsilon Individual Automotive, a leading direct mail company near Michigan, has the experience that you need to help your dealership achieve its goals. With over thirty years of direct mail success under our belt, we’re ready to guide your team boost your overall revenue, increase sales, and drive traffic to your showroom.

Why Should I Choose a Direct Mail Company near Michigan?

Direct Mail MarketingCapturing the attentions and hearts of your ideal customers doesn’t necessarily require a massive billboard or boisterous TV commercial. In fact, physical advertisements have a measurable impact on the human brain—an impact that simply cannot be matched by digital marketing techniques.1

To run an effective automotive direct mail campaign, however, you need advisement from marketing masters who know to successfully wield their knowledge.

By doing so, you’ll know that your direct mail efforts are not only reaching the right audience but also doing so in a way that pushes them toward a purchase. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which we’ve helped over 10,000 dealerships across the United States and Canada reach their business objectives:


Every direct mailer needs an eye-catching design, right? Our team of designers personalizes every phase of the planning and design process to address your specific needs. From fonts and colors to graphics and more, our hands-on approach will result in a mailer that reflects the unique persona of your dealership.


Data, data, and more data. In the age of Internet browsers and smartphones, it’s difficult to truly quantify the importance of accurate, clean data. Fortunately, Epsilon®, the top transactional and behavioral data company in the world, supplies us with cutting-edge technologies that allow us to dig deeper into information about your targeted audience.

DataAfter evaluating the data, we’ll help you segment your customers and leads into various categories based on their demographics, purchasing history, credit score, and more. As a result, each and every detail of your direct mailers will be customized to the lifestyles of their recipients. After all, personalized mail tends to get better response rates than generic mail.


What if the entire production process could be managed by the same team that assists with your dealership’s direct mail design and data? That’s exactly the type of convenience that you’ll have by working with Epsilon. No matter the size, shape, or contents of your dealership’s mailers, we’ll have it printed, packaged, and sent on its way—in most cases, within 72 hours.


The results of your automotive direct mail campaign provide your team with insights into how your advertising efforts were received by your audience. In addition to traditional measuring methods, our staff utilizes high-tech marketing solutions that allow them to easily track your campaign’s response rate.

For instance, personalized URLs (pURLs) record the number of page visits for each unique web address. The result? A clear evaluation of the buyers who engaged with your direct mailer based on the number of mailers sent in total.

Examples of Direct Mail

Mail FormatIt’s time we brought all of the information that we provided you with thus far to life by showing you a few examples of our most popular automotive direct mail formats.

Interactive Mailers

Due to the fact that direct mail provides one of the most versatile marketing platforms, adding interactive elements to your messages is simple.

Whether you test your buyers with a quick crossword puzzle that reveals exciting information or opt for a scannable QR code that directs your customers to an online library of special offers, the possibilities are nearly endless.

By incorporating interactive details into your dealership’s mailers, you’ll create a more immersive experience for your customers. The positive impression left by such a mailer will only improve the chances that the recipients of your mailer will choose your business when it’s time to buy their next car.


Let’s face it: Letters, especially those with fonts that feature handwritten fonts, have a personal feel to them. That’s why welcome letters are perfect to send to first-time shoppers who have yet to make a second purchase from your dealership.

Brochure Direct Mail PlatformThe personal touch of a letter encourages customers to return to your showroom for service, promotions, events, and more. At the end of the day, this kind of direct mail marketing has the power to turn one-time buyers into loyal consumers of your brand.


Sometimes, more information is necessary to keep your buyers updated about your products. Well, brochures are the perfect format for such a scenario.

If you’re planning to unveil a new car model, a brochure full of bold images of the vehicle’s interior or exterior will get your targeted audience even more excited for its arrival. The more excitement your customers feel for a new product, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

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