Direct Mail Company near San Antonio TX TodayAs a beacon of Texan independence, the Alamo and its hometown of San Antonio are nothing short of iconic. With so much rich history, sprawling landscapes, and creative artisans packed into one city, your business needs to stand out by cultivating the same unique persona that San Antonio, TX, is known for.

Fortunately, direct mail is the perfect way to snag your audience’s attention in a way that speaks to the heart of your beloved metropolis. Of course, it helps to have a team of experienced direct marketing professionals guiding you toward advertising success.

That’s why Epsilon Individual Automotive is here as your direct mail company near San Antonio, TX. Learn more about how we can help your dealership build revenue by reading our guide today!

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct Mail LeadsJust as its name suggests, direct marketing is an advertising method that gets information and promotions from your automotive business directly into the hands of your customers without the use of a middleman.

Instead of paying a media channel to promote your ad, direct marketing allows you to take full control over when your dealership’s advertisements are seen. That way, you can engage with your targeted audience on an entirely different level.

Ultimately, the main goal of direct marketing is to encourage your consumers to take a certain action—whether that’s signing up for an email newsletter, using a limited-time coupon, or purchasing a vehicle from your dealership.

By promoting other actions aside from a purchase, direct mail allows your team to ease new and on-the-fence customers through the buyer’s journey.

Of all of the many direct marketing formats, direct mail is one of the best, particularly for dealerships. Why is that the case? Well, for starters, direct mail is tangible, which holds a lot of impact in a world that’s filled with digital advertising.

Instead of scrolling past a banner ad or immediately deleting an email from your dealership, direct mail has physical presence and holds your audience’s attention for a longer period of time than digital alternatives.

Need some proof? Let’s take a look at some examples of automotive direct mail!

Automotive Marketing: Examples of Direct Mail

Now that you know a little bit more about direct mail marketing, you’re ready to take a closer look at some of the ways in which you can make your automotive mailers stand out. Check out some of the most effective direct mail techniques:

Bold Postcards

  • Direct Mail MarketingClear Call to Action (CTA)
  • Striking colors
  • Easy-to-digest message

Sometimes, the simpler the direct mailer, the better the response rate. However, just because you’re using a simple format, such as a postcard-style mailer, doesn’t mean that you can’t ramp up the design to capture the recipient’s attention.

By using eye-catching images, bright colors, and unique fonts, you can improve the overall response that each of your automotive direct mail campaigns receives.


Personalized Letter

  • Customer’s name
  • Handwritten fonts
  • Personalized information (shopping history, customized reminders, etc.)

Think about it: you’re more likely to pay attention to a mailer that addresses you directly, right? Well, that’s the benefit of sending a personalized direct mailer, like a letter, to your targeted audience.

Not only does using each customer’s first name immediately hook their attention, but it also helps your business cultivate a personal connection with said customer. At the end of the day, those personal connections lead to more sales for your dealership.


Trade-In/Coupon Promotions

  • Coupon CodeEncourage consumer action
  • Inform your audience
  • Improve revenue

There’s nothing quite like a deal to push your customers to make a purchase. Fortunately, direct mail is the perfect platform from which to promote your dealership’s offers.

For instance, trade-in opportunities and special incentives are ideal to drop into your customers’ mailboxes. That way, they can learn more about what your dealership has to offer and decide when they’d like to take advantage of your coupons.


PURLs (Personalize URLs)

  • Customized information
  • Personalized offers
  • Online accessibility

The most successful automotive marketing campaigns harness the powers of both direct mail and digital advertising. That’s why pURLs (personalized URLs) are often a top choice amongst dealerships that are looking to drive more traffic to their websites and showrooms.

PURLTo sum up this process, each mailer would include a URL that’s customized to the particular recipient and includes some sort of personal information, usually their first and/or last name.

Once your customer types the unique URL into their browser, they’ll reach a landing page that’s designed specifically for them and includes any pertinent automotive service reminders and purchase information.

Ultimately, marketing PURLs provide your target audience with yet another way to interact with your team and help boost response rates.

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