Direct Mail MarketingTo capture the attention of your business’s New York City audience, you need to create an advertisement that matches the city’s unmistakable personality.

Piercing through the glitz and glam of the City That Never Sleeps is as simple as cutting through the noise of digital advertisements and opting for something unique, like direct mail.

Not only does automotive direct mail offer response rates that far exceed the digital alternatives, but it also promotes brand awareness and memorability.

Of course, before you start planning your next marketing campaign, it’s important to fully understand this advertising approach and how it’ll benefit your dealership. Let’s take a look at this handy guide to direct mail companies near New York, NY, created by the direct mail experts at Aspen Automotive!

What is Direct Marketing?

Car Dealer MailBefore we give you some examples of automotive mailers, it’s important to discuss the foundation of direct mail: direct marketing.

Essentially, direct marketing is an advertising approach that cuts out the middleman (i.e. a media platform) and puts your dealership’s message directly into the hands of your targeted audience.

To put this into perspective, direct mail is one of the many types of direct marketing out there as it gets your advertisement in front of your customers through their mailboxes.

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of direct marketing is its call to action (CTA). Since your dealership is communicating directly with your customer without the added distraction of TV commercials or social media messages, it’s important to tell your audience exactly what they need to do to take up your offer.

Thanks to the clarity of your direct marketing, you’ll reap the relationship-building benefits between your auto business and your consumers.

Why is Direct Mail Marketing Important?

Direct Mail ConversionNow that you understand where direct mail fits into the marketing world, it’s time to take a closer look at what makes it such an effective advertising method.

Better Conversions

Due to the enhanced audience targeting capabilities provided by automotive direct mail, it’s much easier to create and roll out a campaign that reaches only your highest intent shoppers. By sending direct mailers to those who are most likely to make a purchase, you’ll not only spend your budget wisely, but you’ll also ensure that you’re getting the best conversion rate possible. Why? Well, it’s simple. The customers who are on the cusp of making a purchase from your dealership are more likely to take action in response to a direct mailer than those who have yet to make up their minds.

Format Flexibility

Think about it: other advertising approaches, like email marketing, can only be changed so much to fit your dealership’s identity. Aside from a few different formats, most automotive ads can’t be tailored to your liking…except for direct mail.

In fact, direct mail’s formats are nearly endless, which allows your team to design a completely unique, attention-grabbing advertisement that stands out to car buyers across New York, NY.

Examples of Direct Mail

Mail FormatCreativity is key when it comes to effective direct mailers. That’s why some of the most successful direct mail campaigns push the boundaries of formatting. For instance, you might want to consider featuring a 3D design that encourages recipients to open it up and see what’s inside.

If you’re opting for a more cost-effective direct mail route, using humor to engage with your targeted audience is a wonderful way to keep your message creative. All you have to do is come up with some clever tag lines, colorful images, and other enticing details and incorporate them into your postcard or letter-sized direct mailer.

Positive Brand Identity

The most recognizable brands use a variety of direct mail formats. As a direct result of what we discussed above, brand awareness is most commonly associated with businesses that push boundaries and take advantage of the flexibility offered by automotive direct mail.

Due to the fact that shoppers pay more attention to physical mail than they do to email marketing, your brand’s message and personality will have an affect on a larger audience. Over time, your target audience will start associating the positive emotions that they feel when reading your mailers with your dealership’s brand.

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So, there you have it: Our spotlight on the importance of direct marketing and how direct mail can take your dealership’s advertising plan to the next level. Now, all that’s left for you to do is find the perfect marketing agency to guide you along the path to automotive advertising success.

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