Direct Mail near New York

How do businesses around New York achieve success in marketing with such a widely diverse audience? Well, direct mail success begins by partnering with an automotive marketing agency that’s set the standards for an entire industry, Epsilon Individual Automotive.

By working with over 10,000 dealers across the United States and Canada, we’ve crafted an advertising approach that’s couched in three essential marketing components: data, digital, and direct.

Thanks to our data expertise and our mastery of direct mail’s many facets, we can help your dealership exceed your business objectives. Let’s learn more about how our direct mail company near New York steers your dealership toward increased brand awareness, improved customer relationships, and more.

Direct Mail Company near New York: Our Marketing Mission

Target Data

Before you dive headfirst into a direct mail marketing campaign, it’s important to understand what your advertising partner can help you achieve.

Fortunately, the marketing experts at Epsilon utilize the tools of the trade to make every one of your automotive direct mail campaigns a success. Take a look at our process:

  • Data: Our data analysts identify your targeted audience through advanced data-mining systems, such as Aspen SureDrive, real-time credit scores, lease/loan enders, and more.
  • Digital: Once we’ve identified your targeted audience, we roll out an advertising strategy that pairs our proven direct mail techniques with high-touch digital solutions that make it easier for your customers to interact with your dealership.
  • Direct: Finally, our team uses direct mail marketing to reach your ideal buyers on a personal, tangible level. That way, your dealership’s message will have more impact.

In addition to our tried and true methodology, we’ve built a full-service, in-house production facility that gives you the hands-on control you need to customize your direct mailer to achieve your goals.

From creation to delivery, our production staff ensures that your automotive marketing campaign arrives at your customers’ mailboxes without a hitch.

Benefits of Choosing a Direct Mail Company near New York

How can choosing a direct mail company near New York benefit your dealership? Luckily, there are numerous advantages to teaming up with an automotive advertising agency. Let’s check out some of these benefits.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Direct mail establishes a point of connection between your dealership and new or existing customers. This connection is essential to cultivating new relationships with members of your targeted audience or maintaining correspondence with your current consumer base.

As a result of consistent communication by way of direct mail, you’ll increase the likelihood of reaching buyers at high-intent moments when they’re prepared to take action.

Example of Lead-Generating Direct Mail: From welcome postcards or event announcements to cross-sell offers, direct mail provides the perfect foundation on which to begin a new customer relationship or preserve a current one. Offering a warm welcome to new residents in the area with a simple, engaging postcard helps your dealership stay in the minds of potential buyers who may need your services in the future.

Customer Retention

Think about it: consumers are more likely to stay with a business that offers them regular incentives on products, right?

Well, that’s why direct mail presents an opportunity for dealerships to give special discounts to their valued customers, especially for customers who may not have made a recent purchase. Ultimately, sending incentive-based mailers keeps your buyers returning to your showroom time and again.

Example of Customer Retention Direct Mail: Everyone loves a coupon. Take your dealership’s offers to the next level by sending your targeted audience a flyer filled with specials on automotive services. Not only does this delight your customers, but it also encourages them to visit your dealership before the coupon expires.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

As we mentioned above, direct mail establishes a solid relationship with its recipients, but what does it do for your brand? Put simply, the very act of getting your business’s name out there increases customer awareness.

By pairing an open line of communication with an eye-catching direct mail design that clearly defines your dealership’s persona, your buyers will easily remember your business when it’s time for them to purchase a new car.

Example of Brand Awareness Direct Mail: Looking to increase brand awareness? Consider a multi-channel approach to your next direct mail campaign. By incorporating the same message into a direct mailer, an email, and a personalized landing page, your customers will instantly recognize your brand in the future.

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Now that you know a little bit more about the automotive advertising approach of the team at Epsilon Individual Automotive, it’s time to help your customers get to know your dealership with a direct mail campaign.

With over thirty years of experience in data-driven marketing, our team knows exactly how to craft a strategy that speaks to your brand and addresses your goals. Begin the conversation by giving us a call or sending us an email today!