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Let’s face it: in a state as large as Texas, you have to figure out a way to reach the right people at the right time during the right moments to ensure that your dealership’s ads have impact. Well, there’s no better marketing format to achieve this feat than direct mail.

Before you dive into the unknown, you’ll want to choose a direct mail company near Texas that knows a thing or two about direct mail advertising and how to help your dealership capitalize on its benefits.

Luckily, the team at Epsilon Individual Automotive provides the perfect balance of creative innovation and vast automotive advertising experience. Thanks to the insightful guidance of our marketing gurus, your dealership will be well on its way to direct mail success.

Direct Mail Companies in Texas: What to Look For

Direct Mail Team

Before we jump into the many benefits of automotive direct mail, it’s important to give us a closer look at what you should look for when searching for a direct mail company near Texas. Let’s take a look at our tips:

Choose a Team with Experience

While this tip might seem like a no brainer, the importance of marketing experience cannot be stressed enough. You want to make sure that the partner that you’re choosing focuses most of its efforts on direct mail marketing rather than offering it as an add-on product.

Due to the fact that successful direct mail campaigns require attention-to-detail, persistence, and know-how, you want to know that the team who’s overseeing your strategy knows exactly what they’re doing.

What We Offer: Fortunately, our team boasts over thirty years of experience in creating data-driven direct mail campaigns for more than 10,000 dealerships across the United States and Canada. With our knowledgeable marketers by your side, your dealership will be on the fast track to automotive marketing victory.

In-House Production and Full Service

Direct Mail Design

Cost-effective quality should be the priority for any direct mail company near Texas. That’s why agencies that provide in-house production are the ideal choice for any dealership. By regulating their own production processes, they can help your team get the most bang for your marketing buck. Plus, opting for the in-house production capabilities of an automotive advertising agency allows for a higher level of customization. After all, the same team that designed your direct mail campaign is overseeing the path to the final product, which means that each phase of production will adhere to your dealership’s preferences.

What We Offer: Personalized direct mail and personalized production go hand-in-hand at Epsilon. From the beginning of the design process to the very moment that your mailers are shipped out to your targeted audience, we carefully monitor every step. In addition, customizing your direct mail campaign to fit your brand persona is as simple as opting for some of our more advanced production abilities, such as document lasering, digital 4-color printing, collating, and more.

Advanced Direct Mail Technologies

Just because direct mail is one of the oldest marketing methods doesn’t mean that it can’t incorporate cutting-edge technologies. On top of experience and in-house production, you should focus on selecting a direct mail company near Texas that utilizes industry-leading techniques throughout your campaign.


For example, PURLs (personalized URLs) provide your targeted audience with a customized landing page that’s designed for each customer.

From here, the recipient of your mailer can access inventory information, purchase history, or even a virtual tour of your dealership. At the end of the day, these cutting-edge technologies allow your customers to have an immersive experience through your direct mailer.

What We Offer: PURLs are just one of the many advanced features that we utilize in your clients’ direct mail campaigns. Whether you want to give your customers access to new specials via a QR Code or track leads through an 800 number, we’re ready to roll out some of the marketing techniques that have helped other dealerships drive more traffic to their showrooms.

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