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At this point, you’re aware of the numerous benefits of automotive direct mail—from increased response rates to brand awareness and more. But, what about the advantages of partnering with an in-house direct mail company? Should your dealership team up with an experienced automotive advertising agency? Well, the answer is simple: yes.

In fact, there are a variety of perks to pairing with an in-house direct mail company near Chicago, Illinois. Fortunately, that’s exactly what the team from Epsilon Individual Automotive a leading automotive marketing agency, is here to do. By learning more about our unique approach, you’ll be eager to begin your dealership’s venture into this tried and true marketing technique.

In-House Direct Mail Company near Chicago: The Benefits

Marketing CampaignWhen it comes to the success of your business, it’s essential to make sure that your marketing efforts are being led by a true expert.

However, making the most of your direct mail campaign isn’t just about choosing an expert. It’s about finding an in-house direct mail company that handles all of the necessary steps of the marketing process.

By taking this route, you’ll keep the messaging consistent throughout your entire automotive advertising campaign—from your direct mailers to your emails and every other marketing format between. Let’s take a look at the other ways in which your dealership can benefit from choosing an in-house marketing agency:


Standing out from your competitors is the key to generating more leads and turning those leads into customers.

Well, in-house direct mail production allows your dealership to flex its creativity muscles through enhanced personalized. In short, when an advertising agency runs its own production facility, it’s free to adjust its production capabilities based on the common needs of their clients.

That way, marketing production managers can fulfill the design, printing, and mailing demands of each dealership that uses their facility.

Ultimately, this provides your team with many more options that bring an entirely new level of customization to your direct mailer, thereby elevating it past the designs of competing direct mailers.

In addition to our personalized design process, some of the capabilities of our in-house production facility include:

  • Digital 4-color printing
  • Document lasering
  • Metering
  • Sealing and more

Thanks to our time-tested approach to direct mail and its creation, you’ll know that every mailer your targeted audience reads will help your business stand out from the crowd.

Cost Management

Mail BudgetNo matter the scale of your dealership, it’s crucial to stay within your marketing budget. Well, opting for an in-house direct mail company near Chicago, IL, keeps costs low while providing your team with high-quality mailers. Why is this the case?

Due to the hands-on nature of our production facility, we can adjust any aspect of printing, design, color, and other features to fit your budget.

Instead of presenting a list of set costs for each printing job, we’ll work with you to build a direct mail production plan that helps you achieve your marketing goals while also keeping costs in control. The result? A customized production strategy that fits your dealership’s needs.

Priority Service

Your dealership should always be treated like the priority. Instead of outsourcing your direct mail production needs to a business that manages hundreds, if not thousands, of printing jobs per week, why not choose a facility that treats you like their only client?

When you opt for a production facility that’s part of an in-house direct mail company, like the one at Epsilon, our team can complete most production projects within 72 hours. That way, you can get your dealership’s mailers into the mailboxes of your targeted audience as quickly as possible and begin seeing results.

Examples of Direct Mail

Promotion QR CodeNow that you know all about the benefits of choosing an in-house direct mail company near Chicago, it’s time to see some of the results of our industry-leading process.

To take things a step past traditional direct mail, we’ve adopted an omni-channel marketing method that helps you reach a wider audience. Take a look at some of these techniques in practice:

QR Code Kickoff

Effective marketing is all about the customer experience. Luckily, direct mail can be used at any phase of omnichannel advertising to enhance your dealership’s message and push your targeted audience toward a purchase.

To begin your campaign, consider sending your buyers a simple yet enticing postcard that features a scannable QR code. This code works in conjunction with your audience’s smartphones to tell them more about your upcoming event or promotion. Ultimately, direct mail that requires interaction on part of your customer delivers a more immersive experience, which helps drive action.

Mid-way Momentum

Every campaign needs an advertising approach that maintains its momentum from start to finish. Well, direct mail is the perfect way to boost your efforts as your strategy reaches the halfway point.

Direct MailAt this time, our team will help you assess the response rates to your campaign and advise you on some direct mail formats that will push unresponsive leads toward action—from vehicle brochures to pop card reminders, and more.

The Finishing Touch

Finally, automotive direct mail helps reinforce your dealership’s message as your campaign is coming to a close. Whether you send responsive customers an event reminder letter or ping unresponsive buyers with a friendly postcard, physical mail serves as an additional nudge for any type of consumer.

By incorporating direct mail into an omni-channel marketing approach, you’ll provide your buyers with a well-rounded customer experience that encourages them to choose your business.

In-House Direct Mail Company near Chicago Illinois: Learn More Today!

There’s nothing quite like the response-generating benefits of a carefully planned automotive direct mail campaign to breathe life back into your dealership’s marketing efforts. At Epsilon Individual Automotive, we’re proud to be a go-to in-house direct mail company for automotive retailers all across Chicago.

Learn more about how our process has helped over 10,000 dealerships across the United States and Canada achieve success by giving us a call or sending us an email today!