Automotive Direct MailAs an auto dealer near Irvine, CA, you understand the importance of incorporating direct mail into your marketing strategy. However, what about how you go about adding physical mailers to your advertising campaigns? Is there a more uniform approach to the creation, production, and addressing process?

The answer to the latter is a resounding, “yes!” In fact, in-house direct mail companies near Irvine, CA, make it easier for dealerships to streamline the direct mail process. Ultimately, that allows your team to focus less on communicating with middlemen and more on what matters most: your customers.

At Epsilon Individual Automotive, we use over 30 years of automotive direct mail experience to craft one-of-a-kind campaigns that drive traffic and delight customers. By choosing to work with our in-house professionals, you’ll raise the bar on the way you connect with your targeted audience.

In-House Direct Mail: Your Dealership’s One-Stop Shop

Marketing DataCommunication is the key to keeping your dealership’s advertising message consistent across all platforms. But rather than spend your time relaying information to independent production companies and mailing houses, why not leave that to an in-house direct mail company near Irvine?

As one of the most notable benefits of opting for full-service direct mail, it provides dealerships with more time to dedicate to newly generated leads and long-time customers. Meanwhile, your dedicated automotive advertising agency will handle every step of the process form start to finish, including:

  • Design
  • Data solutions
  • Production
  • Addressing

Thanks to the hands-on marketing solutions offered by our team, you’ll know that your next direct mail campaign is being overseen by a squad of experts.

On top of that, our full-service in-house production facility ensures that you’ll end up with a high-quality mailer for a price that fits your budget.

In total, we can get most direct mail projects to the post office in as little as 72 hours. That way, you can start reaping the response-boosting, lead-generating benefits of your direct mail strategy as soon as possible.

Direct Mail Company near Irvine CA: Examples

Now that you’re more familiar with our agency’s process, you’re ready to see some real-life examples of direct mail.

Luckily, we’ve customized our design approach to support virtually any type of direct mail format. Let’s take a look at some of the techniques that we use to drive traffic through our clients’ showroom doors.

Elevate the Envelope

Direct Mail AdvertisingThere’s nothing quite as exciting as seeing a large envelope tucked away inside your mailbox. That’s why envelopes are the perfect vehicle for your dealership’s mailers.

Due to their concealing nature, envelopes spark the interest of their recipients and encourage them to look inside. By creating a moment of curiosity for your targeted audience, you’ll improve the chances that they’ll take the time to read your direct mailer.

Leverage Loyalty

Got a few repeat customers? Make them feel special by sending them a striking postcard or a brochure that details the benefits of your dealership’s loyalty program. This type of direct mail format will provide established consumers with the high-level information they need to participate in such a program.

Alternatively, cut right to the chase by sending your audience a book of coupons that can be redeemed at your sales or service center. That way, your consumers will know that they can snag a better price on vehicle detailing or another automotive service by choosing your business.

Stimulate the Senses

opening envelopeTo take full advantage of the tangibility and physical presence that sets direct mail apart from all other marketing solutions, you need to engage your audience’s senses. At the very least, you’ll want to include eye-catching imagery on your mailers. However, there are many other ways to impact your customers’ other senses, such as touch and smell.

For instance, why not get your targeted audience excited for a new vehicle release by incorporating a new car smell scratch-and-sniff element into your direct mail design? Opt for a more tactile approach to direct mail by providing a sample of the new car’s interior upholstery or carpeting onto the mailer. Either way, these techniques only increase anticipation amongst your buyers.

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At Epsilon Individual Automotive, we believe that full-service direct mail marketing is the key to building brand authority for your dealership and spurring purchases from your buyers.

So, if you’re looking for an in-house direct mail company near Irvine, California, that can help your team achieve your advertising goals, it’s time for you to learn more about us.

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