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We here at Aspen Automotive know that your time is extremely valuable. That’s why we work to make your marketing and technology features as streamlined as possible. One way we provide this extra assistance is through IVR Touch-Tone Response. Thanks to this automated system, your callers can talk to the department they want to right away, saving everyone’s time.

To learn more about IVR Touch-Tone Response and how it can improve your dealership, keep reading!

What is IVR?

interactive voice responseNow, before you even question how IVR works and how your dealership can benefit from it, we’re sure you’re asking yourself: what does IVR stand for? Simply said, IVR stands for interactive voice response. A good way to think of IVR is like a drop-down menu when navigating a website, but over the phone.

For example, if someone calls your dealership in hopes of scheduling a service appointment, they’ll call the number listed on your website. From there, they’ll be provided with a series of options and be able to choose a number on their phone’s keypad or use their voice to be automatically redirected to the service department.

How Does IVR Work?

As mentioned, IVR Touch-Tone Response can be utilized several different ways. Traditionally, IVR works by the caller selecting a number on their keypad to make a menu selection. This is known as DTMF tones or Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency Tones. This could be used to immediately direct the caller to a specific department of your dealership.

DTMF tones work by emitting both a low- and high-frequency noise. This frequency is understood by a special hardware that interprets, for example, the caller pressing the number one. From there, the caller is redirected to the selected representative who can help them with their question.

Using DTMF as a base, the IVR Touch-Tone Response system can be enhanced to include voice recognition. This would take the place of using the keypad and allow the caller to speak in their natural voice and say what they’re looking for. Additionally, they can use their voice to answer a series of prompts, eventually directing them verbally through an options menu.

Benefits of IVR Touch-Tone Response

Phone LeadYou might be wondering what benefits IVR Touch-Tone Response offers your dealership. In addition to ease of access for your clients, IVR will save your dealership and the caller valuable time. For you, you won’t have to worry about answering every call.

How many times has someone called and wanted to know what your showroom hours are or if you’re open on a particular holiday? Thanks to IVR, you can pre-program these answers, leaving you with the time needed to answer other questions.

This will save your caller time, too, since they won’t have to sit on hold for extended periods of time while they wait for someone to answer the call, only to be put on hold again while being redirected to a different department. Thanks to IVR, they can get through to the department they seek right away.

Set up IVR Touch-Tone Response Today

Are you ready to take your technology service to the next level? Do you want to provide your customers with a stress-free and direct communication process while freeing up your employees? If so, IVR Touch-Tone Response is just what you’re looking for.

Here at Aspen Automotive, we make adding this feature fast and easy, simplifying your call process in little to no time at all. Ready to get started? Give us a call or send us an email to set up IVR Touch-Tone Response today!