Target AdsRelevant, powerful advertising is at the heart of any successful business. But what are the main pillars of a solid, automotive marketing campaign?

To answer that question, you must consider the benefits of advanced digital technologies that allow dealerships to reach the right audience in the right place at the right moment.

Well, one of the most effective digital marketing methods provides automotive businesses with the perfect balance of audience engagement and brand building: targeted display ads.

So, how can you use targeted display ads to push your audience along the path to purchasing? It’s time to find out by reading this guide created by the automotive marketing professionals at Epsilon Individual Automotive. Let’s take a look!

What is Targeted Display Advertising?

Target Display AdsTargeted display ads are banner advertisements that feature content that’s relevant to your customers and display on websites that they visit. These display ads can appear on either mobile or desktop sites, making them a valuable part of a robust automotive marketing campaign.

In addition to their high visibility, display advertising allows for advanced audience targeting—from their location or their age range to their browsing habits and more. Due to the enhanced targeted capabilities offered by targeted display ads, your dealership can get your message directly to consumers who are most likely to take action.

How Does Targeted Display Advertising Increase Engagement?

Let’s say that a new lead visits your dealership’s site to see which models you offer. While conducting research on which model may be best for them, they leave your site to read a few articles about the vehicles that they’re interested in most.

Instead of having the customer interaction at their visit to your site, targeted display ads keep your brand in the shoppers’ minds by featuring your dealership’s ads on other, related sites.

That way, you’re following your ideal audience as they make their way through the buyer’s journey, which only increases the odds that they’ll eventually choose to purchase their vehicle at your dealership.

What are the Other Benefits of Targeted Display Ads?

Brand AwarenessNow that we’ve established the audience engagement benefits of targeted display ads, it’s time to delve into the other advantages of this versatile automotive marketing method. Here are a few benefits of targeted display ads for your dealership:

  • Attention Grabbing: There’s no question that banner ads command attention. While your customers are browsing other sites, it’s easy to notice ads that appear alongside content that they’re reading or videos that they’re watching. Due to their high visibility, they remain one of the best ways to promote your brand in the digital advertising realm.
  • Improve Brand Awareness: The more your customers see your brand, they more likely they are to trust your brand. Once potential leads get more familiar with your dealership, there’s a better chance that they’ll make a purchase from you or visit your site to see what you offer.
  • Remarketing: Trying to reel in those customers that got away? Targeted display ads are ideal for remarketing campaigns. If your automotive marketing data is showing that a significant portion of your customers leave your site, target those individuals with a display ad featuring a discount or special offer. As a result, previous visitors will take the leap and make a purchase for your dealership.

Learn More About Targeted Display Ads Today!

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