Why Direct Mail Marketing Isn’t Dead

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The arrival of 2020 has us looking ahead to what the new decade will bring to the direct mail marketing table. But, with the rise of AI and other futuristic technologies, you may be asking yourself, “Is direct mail marketing dead?”

The answer to that question is this: not only is direct mail not dead, it’s thriving thanks to a recent resurgence in its popularity.

For instance, a whopping 65 percent of millennials report that they pay attention to direct mail advertising that they receive in their mailboxes.1 That means that the most connected generation places a higher value on direct mail than its preceding generations.

Of course, millennials’ high response to direct mail is only one of the many reasons why this marketing method continues to flourish in the digital age. To learn more about why direct mail far from dead, keep reading this helpful guide from the team at Aspen Automotive.

Automotive Direct Mail Is Tangible

Dealer Direct MailIs there a method of marketing more tangible than direct mail? With the present generation overwhelmed by advertisements, automotive direct mail offers the opportunity to get something real into the hands of your targeted audience and create a connection which simply is not the same with email or additional advertisements online.

Furthermore, the versatility of physical mail gives it a leg up against its digital marketing alternatives. With automotive direct mail, you can adjust the sizes, shapes, and colors used in each campaign.

That way, your dealership’s mailer will stand out from the other pieces of mail found in each consumer’s mailbox. Due to direct mail’s versatility, you’ll have a better chance of capturing the attention of your ideal customer in a moment when they’re open to reading more about your offer.

Automotive Direct Mail Will Take Personalization to A Whole New Level

While a part of marketing includes your capability of clearly communicating your message, the other part is about building relationships with customers. What’s the key to building up relationships? Being personal and showing that you understand your customer.

In addition, the results of personalized automotive direct mail speak for themselves. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), using full color and each customer’s name on your direct mailer can increase response by 135 percent.2

In summation, a few minor changes to your dealership’s automotive mailers can pay significant dividends in the long run.

Automotive Direct Mail Is the King of Brand Awareness

Brand AwarenessDue to the rise of digital media and marketing technologies, direct mail isn’t used quite as widely as it once was. That’s why this is the best time to create an automotive direct mail strategy for your dealership’s targeted audiences. As a result of the less crowded direct mail advertising arena, you’ll have an easier time grabbing the attentions of your ideal customers.

Plus, according to an Epsilon study, 59 percent of respondents said that they enjoy getting mail from brands about new products.3 So, why not take advantage of an automotive marketing method that your consumers enjoy and that provides your dealership with solid results?

Automotive Direct Mail Will Complement Your Digital Strategy

Omnichannel marketing is the way of the new decade. By teaming up your automotive direct mail strategy with a solid digital approach, your dealership can boost both purchase frequency and customer retention rates.

Consider this recent statistic on omnichannel marketing: “…marketers who used three or more channels in an automation workflow earned 250% more engagement and purchases than single-channel campaigns.”4

With the vastly improved retention rates and purchase frequency of this integrated marketing approach, you can improve not only your dealership’s bottom line but also your overall return on investment.

Automotive Direct Mail Is Open to All Audiences

Target AudienceWhile some senior citizens might be tech savvy, a recent study from Pew Research Center showed that 34 percent of senior citizens don’t use the Internet.5 For dealerships, that is a significant portion of their audience that can’t be targeted using email, social media, or PPC.

Luckily, automotive direct mail allows you to reach the individuals who may not be surfing the web and provide them with valuable content that’s personalized to their specific needs in the same way that a banner ad or email campaign would be.

Automotive Direct Mail is Millennial Friendly

As we mentioned in the opening of this guide, millennials recognize the inherent value of direct mail. What we didn’t mention is that, according to a USPS study, millennials are more likely than both Gen X and baby boomers to take action after receiving direct mail.6

With the knowledge provided by this statistic, it’s easier to understand the impact that automotive direct mail has on your audience, even the same audience that turns to digital technology to consume most of their content.

Beyond that, the same USPS study revealed that 88 percent of millennials take the time to look through their mail to make sure that they’re not discarding useful information.6

Thanks to the additional attention paid by millennials to your dealership’s direct mail offers, you can trust that they’ll recognize and take action on information that’s relevant to their needs.

Automotive Direct Mail Is Engaging

Direct Mail MarketingThink about it: you want your dealership’s advertisements to make a positive, lasting impression on potential buyers, right? Well, the best way to do that is to think outside the box and utilize a marketing platform that’s less frequently used, like direct mail.

The digital advertising world is overwhelmed by brands vying to take center stage, which is why it’s most effective to seek out avenues of automotive advertising that are less crowded and will improve the odds of your message being seen by your audience.

In fact, a study performed by the USPS found that parts of the brain that control motivation response were 20 percent more activated when digesting direct mail.7 This indicates that buyers are more driven to action by physical advertisements than digital advertisements.

Think Direct Mail is Dead? Think Again. Learn Why Today!

At Aspen Automotive, we’ve witnessed the lead-generating, ROI-fortifying, and response-boosting powers of automotive direct mail. Now that we’ve proven that direct mail isn’t dead, it’s time for you to see what this marketing powerhouse can do for your dealership.

To get started, all you have to do is send us an email or give us a call today!


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