How to Sell More Cars at Your Dealership Using Direct Mail Marketing

Sell More Cars Using Direct Mail Marketing
How do you create a direct mail marketing campaign that’s designed to help your dealership sell more cars? Well, by incorporating a few tried and true techniques, you can take your business’s next automotive marketing campaign up a notch.

To make your next advertising strategy as successful as possible, however, you need to partner with a veteran marketing agency that knows how to make the most of your direct mail efforts, like Aspen Automotive.

With our advertising warriors and creative minds by your side, you’ll spur your existing customer base into action and encourage strangers to choose your dealership for their needs. Let’s take a look at how you can harness the power of direct mail marketing to boost sales year after year.

Tap into Personalized Marketing

Dealership Personalized Marketing What your customers feel while they’re reading your direct mail advertisement is crucial to your dealership’s bottom line.

In the age of email and online advertisements, you want to stand out by eliciting emotion from your buyers. Luckily, achieving the desired reaction from your targeted audience is as simple as getting personal.

Of course, you’re probably wondering how to incorporate customized techniques in to your direct mail campaign. Check out some of our best practices for marketing personalization:

Renewal Reminders

Is it time for your consumers to stop by for their 6-month service checkup or celebrate the anniversary of their vehicle purchase? Sending them a reminder in the mail of their upcoming appointments is a get way to surround your business with an image of responsibility. Plus, it helps your customers feel cared for by your dealership, which increases the likelihood of return visits from your buyers.

Personalized Messages

Something as simple as using your customer’s first name in your advertising message can do wonders for the results of your campaign. Not only does it create a more intimate experience for the recipients of your mailers, but it also shows them that you truly care about who they are as an individual.

Pre-filled Forms

Making things convenient for your consumers improves marketing response rates. For instance, including a pre-filled form onto your direct mail materials makes it easier for the recipients to quickly drop their financing application or promotion form into the mail, thereby increasing the chances of higher response rates.

Use a Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

Multi-Channel Marketing Your automotive marketing campaign should cover all the bases imaginable. So, to sell more cars at your dealership using direct mail marketing, you want to make sure to pair those materials with other advertising technique.

That way, you’ll have that one-two (or three) punch that’s required for marketing success. Wondering what some of direct mail’s best marketing partners are? Take a look!

  • Email: To get more leads through your showroom doors, it’s essential to combine direct mail marketing with other forms of advertising. By sending a direct mailer that encourages your newer customers to join your mailing list, you’ll be sure to engage with patrons who are interested in knowing more about your dealership’s specials and events.
  • Mobile: Your consumers’ opinions are the key to creating a marketing strategy that’s effective. So, to assess what your audience wants most out of your dealership, deploy a direct mail campaign that features a scannable QR Code and an online survey. Thanks to the handy, user-friendly nature of this technique, you’ll maximize your customers’ response to your survey.
  •  Social Media: Consumers respond most to a marketing strategy that creates an immersive experience. Well, social media is an ideal platform to enhance your dealership’s next campaign. To incorporate social media into your direct mail campaign, consider directing the recipients to visit your dealership’s social media accounts to learn more about an upcoming announcement. The result? Better customer engagement with your business.

Boost Your Dealership’s Sales with Direct Mail Marketing!

At Aspen Automotive, we’re committed to providing dealerships across the nation with the insights and methods required to increase your team’s sales through an effective direct mail marketing campaign.

To begin your journey toward improved customer satisfaction and a solid return on your investments, it’s time to get in touch with us. All you have to do to get the conversation started is give us a call or send us an email today!