What is Automotive Pull Marketing?

Pull Marketing

What’s the key to stirring up genuine interest and curiosity from your dealership’s targeted audience? Well, the first way is to poise your team as an industry leader by offering helpful resources that reach your customers at the right place and the right time (i.e. when they’re looking to buy a car).

Fortunately, direct mail marketing is a perfect pull marketing method that attracts new buyers to your showroom and helps your consumers learn more about everything you have to offer. As a result, you’ll move your leads along the buyer’s journey toward a new vehicle.

To learn more about automotive pull marketing, let’s take a look at what the marketing professionals at Aspen Automotive have to say about this lead-generating approach to reaching your dealership’s sales goals.

What is Pull Marketing?

Pull Marketing First, let’s define what pull marketing actually is. Also known as Inbound Marketing, Pull Marketing focuses more on attracting the customer using noninvasive approaches, rather than using Push Marketing methods, such as TV commercials, cold calls, and other more invasive methods.

Instead of pushing information onto your ideal customers, relevant, high-target information is access by your audience. That way, they won’t be provided with a message that doesn’t fit their needs or tap into their emotions.

By cultivating consumer awareness of your brand through noninvasive methods and presenting them with more information about the benefits of shopping at your dealership, your audience is more likely to engage with your automotive business on their own accord rather than through push marketing means.

Where Does Auto Direct Mail Fit in Pull Marketing?

To effectively incorporate automotive direct mail into your dealership’s Pull, or Inbound, Marketing strategy, a few things need to be kept in mind. With these tips, you’ll ensure that the direct mail materials that land in your audience’s mailboxes will be catered to fit their unique needs.

As a quick refresher on the key aspects of Pull Marketing, you want the goal of your dealership’s direct mail to be to pull your consumers into communicating with your team and strengthening your relationship with your customers, rather than pushing them to take immediate action.

Here are a few of the essentials that every inbound-oriented direct mail campaign should have:

Personalize It

Automotive Coupon Pull Marketing is all about attracting customers by paying attention to their specific needs. That’s why one of the ways to make your dealership’s direct mailers more effective is to add a touch of personalization to it.

By doing so, you’re providing your consumers with a resource from which they can track their own purchases, monitor their upcoming service appointments, or snag a special coupon in a way that’s convenient for them.

For instance, including details as simple as the customer’s name can do wonders in terms of encouraging each individual to visit your dealership.

Not only does it help your audience feel as though you care, but it also speaks directly to them, rather then addressing them as a face in a crowd.

Target Your Audience

To create a successful piece of automotive direct mail, you must first establish who your audience is. Like we said above, you want to avoid crafting a generic direct mailer with a generalized message that doesn’t speak directly to any one individual.

Alternatively, your team should begin by segmenting your customers into demographics. From there, you can more concretely determine which offers and messages the consumers within those particular demographics will respond to.

Make It Multi-Channel

PURL Programs Last, but not least, pull marketing is best when paired with a digital marketing plan. Thanks to advanced marketing tools like PURLs (personal URLs), you can provide your audience with a convenient way to connect with your dealership while also tracking the response rate for your advertisement.

On top of that, these handy platforms delight your consumers by putting them in touch with the information they need to purchase their next vehicle or learn more about your dealership.

Once they’ve tapped into the information include on their personalized URL, you can employ other pull marketing tactics to move them along the buyer’s journey.

Design Your Automotive Pull Marketing Strategy Today!

Now that you know more about what pull marketing is and how direct marketing fits into a healthy, data-driven automotive marketing campaign, it’s time to build your next strategy by collaborating with the experts at Aspen Automotive.

With the assistance of our direct mail professionals, you’ll start reaping the lead-generating, revenue-boosting benefits of a noninvasive marketing approach that works for your dealership. Learn more about our direct mail technologies and personalized options by giving us a call or sending us an email today!