What’s New in Automotive Digital Marketing?

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No matter how long your dealership has been in business, it’s essential to adjust your sails and embrace the newest trends that are cropping up in the automotive marketing world.

Luckily, the newest approaches to auto digital marketing are actually quite simple to implement into your usual marketing campaign. All you need is an automotive advertising agency by your side that can help you navigate the most innovative advertising trends in the dealership market.

Well, at Aspen Automotive, we take pride in our ability to keep you finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest automotive digital marketing trends.

That way, we can help you utilize these new techniques to generate more leads and close more sales. Ready to take a look at what’s new in auto digital marketing? Check it out!

The Importance of Personalization

Automotive Online ShoppingWhile personalized advertising may not seem like a new trend, the ways in which automotive businesses are approach personalization that are seeing a revamp.

For the most part, customers need to see more than just their first name in the body of an email to be convinced to engage with your dealership.

Now, buyers expect to be provided with a level of customization that makes shopping even easier. Here a couple of ways that you can incorporate personalization depth to your digital marketing campaign:

  • Online Shopping History: Buyers want to see a list of previous vehicles or other automotive products they’ve viewed on your site. By adding browsing history capabilities to your dealership’s website and sending email or social media reminders about products that they’ve previously looked at, you’ll help keep your consumers interested in what you have to offer.
  • Cart Reminders: If you’ve ever shopped online and gotten distracted or clicked out of the checkout window, you’ve likely received some type of email from that particular business reminding you to complete your purchase. Well, these types of email marketing strategies are key in steering your customer back to the purchasing path. Thanks to this simple tactic and other personalization methods, you’ll stand the chance of increasing your dealership’s close rates by 30 percent, according to a study performed by Gartner.1

Think Big with GoogleÔ Micro-Moments

Google Micro-MomentsRecently, GoogleÔ analysts released a new approach to how marketers view the buyer’s journey. Known as Micro-Moments, these instances are crucial to the success of modern businesses. To give you a sense of what these instances encompass, take a look at how Micro-Moments are categorized by GoogleÔ:

  • I-Want-to-Know Moments: the research phase
  • I-Want-to-Go Moments: the consideration phase
  • I-Want-to-Do Moments: the action phase
  • I-Want-to-Buy Moments: the purchasing phase

In short, it’s important for dealerships to cater their automotive digital marketing approach to fulfill the needs of the customers who turn to their devices during one of these moments.

According to GoogleÔ, “One in three smartphone users have purchased from a company or brand other than the one they intended to because of information provided in the moment they needed it.”2

Think about that: a significant portion of leads will opt to make a purchase from your dealership rather than the intended company simply because your team provided them with exactly what they needed during one of these intent-driven micro-moments.

All you have to do is follow these three guidelines: be there, be useful, and be quick—most of which are accomplished by providing your consumers with a seamless, mobile shopping experience.

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With the assistance of our advertising gurus, creative geniuses, and unique methodology, you’ll serves up an enjoyable, productive digital experience for your customers.

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