Aspen Automotive’s Best Direct Mail Strategies

Automotive Marketing Strategy

So, you’ve finally decided to harness the powers of a carefully constructed automotive direct mail campaign to boost sales at your dealership, right?

Well, before you hit the ground running, you want to be supported by a team of marketing gurus who know a thing or two about which direct mail strategies are most effective in achieving your ultimate goal.

Fortunately, the professionals at Aspen Automotive are ready to help you determine which of our proven direct mail strategies are ideal for your dealership. Ready to learn more about the methods we use to improve customer engagement and generate leads? Let’s get started!

1.)Invest in Envelopes

Digital 4-color printingLet’s face it: there’s nothing quite as exciting as receiving a large envelope in the mail. Luckily, this is a tried and true marketing tactic that’s easy to work into any direct mail campaign.

By opting for a high-quality envelope that’s complete with a message encouraging your audience to see what’s inside, you’ll increase the amount of excitement your potential buyers feel when they receive a piece of mail from your dealership. Plus, the larger the envelope, the more likely your recipients are to open it up to check out its contents.

To make sure that our clients can add as much customization and detail to their envelopes, our production team at Aspen provides an in-house letter shop as well as a fully functional printing facility.

Here, you’re free to explore the variety of personalized options that’ll help your next direct mail envelope stand out, such as:

  • Digital 4-color printing
  • Document lasering
  • Collating and sealing
  • Custom hand work and more

2.)Take Things to the Next Dimension

What’s another time-tested direct mail strategy? Adding an extra dimension to your marketing efforts, of course. That’s why our team offers up plenty of eye-catching 3D direct mailers that help to draw your readers in and encourage them to engage with your promotion.

Instead of arriving in an inconspicuous envelope, 3D direct mail materials get noticed by your potential customers at a higher rate.

Once they open up their mailbox, they’ll be met with a small box or pop-up, 3D card, which will immediately spur your audience to tear open your dealership’s mailer to access the exclusive offer or promotional information.

3.)Promote your Dealership with Personalization

PURLThink about it: when you receive a mailer that’s designed to fit your needs and includes personalized details, such as your first name, you’re more likely to engage with that piece of direct mail.

Well, that’s precisely why our staff works with your dealership to put together an automotive direct mail campaign that’s convenient and customized for your ideal customer.

By sending your targeted audience a direct mailer that contains a personalized URL (PURL) that features their name in the web address, you’ll entice them to type the URL into their browser.

Then, they’ll discover a landing page that’s set up for the sole purpose of providing them with information about your dealership, their previous purchases, or even a personalized service schedule.

4.)Surprise Buyers with Specials

In addition to an attention-grabbing direct mail format, you need to provide your customers with a reason to open your automotive mailer in the first place. Therefore, it’s essential to include freebies and special offers inside the direct mail materials you send to your potential buyers.

For instance, sending a free, branded keychain to your new leads is a great way to spark a relationship. Not only does it make your consumers feel special, but it also reminds them that their free keychain can be affixed to the keys of the new car they purchase from your dealership, thereby connecting your dealership’s call-to-action.

Learn More About Our Best Direct Mail Strategies Today!

At Aspen Automotive, we look forward to assisting dealerships across the nation in crafting a lead-generating, revenue-boosting auto direct mail campaign that utilizes our best strategies.

Of course, you need to learn more about some of the exclusive technologies and options we use to drive more traffic into your showroom. To find out more, get the conversation started by sending us an email or giving us a call today!