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Dealership Marketing Platform

What if we said that your dealership could know exactly who is considering purchasing a car before they even contact you? How would that change your automotive marketing approach?

Well, thanks to the rise of data-driven advertising platforms, your team can now target the specific audience who have the highest chance of interacting with your dealership or a specific offer.

To help dealerships across the country harness the power of audience marketing platforms, the team of automotive marketing experts as Aspen Automotive has created our very own version of this for our clients, known as AMP.

Ready to learn more about how this exclusive feature provides you with the insight you need to attract new customers? Let’s take a look.

What is AMP?

Direct Mail Marketing Data

To begin, let’s first delve into what AMP actually is. Aspen’s AMP platform is an omni-channel direct marketing platform. This comprehensive database gathers all the data we have about the prospects that are most likely to interact with your dealership.

From there, our data-analyzing gurus determine the best communication method for each customer based off their demographics. Some of the consumer information served up by AMP includes:

  • Social Media Tracking Ability to buy
  • Credit range
  • Trade-in vehicle
  • Readiness to buy
  • Loan prequalification

For instance, if a younger buyer shows up on our AMP platform, we’ll evaluate their Internet-surfing habits and make the best decision on how to reach them, whether that’s through social media, text, or another method of communication.

Once we’ve figured out which technique is ideal, we contact your leads on the channel that they use most. When all is said and done, AMP elevates your dealership’s ability to make valuable connection with prospective consumers that result in a sale.

Aspen AMP: The Benefits of Audience Marketing

Direct Marketing Leads

Staying in the automotive advertising game requires the use of industry-leading technologies that shine a light on potential buyers. That’s why AMP is the perfect solution to your dealership’s marketing needs.

Rather than treating every lead like a part of the herd, AMP allows your team to hone-in on the lifestyle, habits, and preferences of your most promising consumers.

Then, our marketing professionals deploy the techniques have the highest probability of resulting in action on the part of the customer—whether that’s visiting your showroom or applying for financing.

Car Buying Of course, it always helps to visualize the tangible effects of such a platform. Luckily, AMP equips our clients with numerous benefits, such as:

  • Improved communication
  • Efficient lead generation
  • Faster sale
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Increased revenue and more

Why are these benefits associated with our AMP platform? Think about it: People respond to information that’s tailored to their lifestyles.

Instead of pouring your advertising budget into a campaign that might fall flat with a certain subset of your potential buyers, AMP allows you to evaluate data and build your direct marketing campaign based on what the consumer prefers.

Not only does that help your dealership maximize its budget, but it also results in better customer engagement and increased sales.

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Customer engagement and automotive marketing personalization should be among the many priorities of a success-driven dealership. Fortunately, the team at Aspen Automotive is ready to provide your team with the sales-boosting insights of our AMP platform.

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