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These days, social media is so much more than just a place to connect with friends. In fact, these platforms have become a driving force in whether a dealership succeeds or falls short.

Luckily, harnessing these digital marketing powerhouses is as simple as understanding how to use the information they have to offer. By doing so, you’ll understand how each of your dealership’s social media profiles is helping you reach your business objectives.

Ready to get the lowdown on how social media data can increase user engagement in your auto marketing campaigns? Let’s take a look at these tips from the auto marketing professionals at Aspen Automotive.

Top Eight Social Media Platforms Per User Rate

Social Media Data There’s no surprise that social media continues to grow in popularity. Recently, users have used these social media platforms to connect with businesses and browse for new products. The more these platforms grow, the more you won’t want to miss logging on and connecting with users.

There are eight different platforms that have continued to see double-digit growth rates over the years. We recommend your dealership checks them out.

Eight Social Media Platforms with the Highest User Rates:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. TikTok
  4. Pinterest
  5. Reddit
  6. Twitter
  7. LinkedIn
  8. Snapchat

These platforms are ever-changing entities that evolve to keep up with the needs of their users. Whether you’ve been studying social media for years or you’re new to the topic, it’s always good to take a minute and learn about each type of platform.

Let’s take a minute to learn more about some of the social media platforms we recommend incorporating into your dealership’s marketing plan.

Which Social Media Platforms Should You Use?

The best way to determine which social media platforms you should use varies slightly from dealership to dealership. The best way to determine which platforms are right for your dealership includes matching up your targeted audience to the platform they most frequently visit.

Social Media Platform

Number of Monthly Users

Age Demographic

Gender Demographic

Average Time on Platform (per day)


2.7 billion

25 – 34

56% male

38 minutes


1.16 billion

25 – 34

57% female

53 minutes


689 million

18 – 24

59% female

52 minutes


353 million

30 – 49

68% male

1 minute

With this information about number of monthly users, age and gender demographics, and time spent on the platform, you can use this information against the targeted audience of your campaign to best decide which platform is right for your dealership.

What Is Social Media Data & How Can Your Dealership Use It?

Social Media Data Social media data refers to the statistics and other insights collected from the social media use of your customers and how they interact with your dealership’s social profiles—from Instagram to Facebook to Twitter and everything in between.

No matter which social media platforms your dealership primarily uses, it’s important to understand the different metrics that each can provide, some of which include:

  • Clicks
  • Engagement
  • Reach
  • Shares
  • Likes and more

To put this into perspective, let’s discuss a bit more about social media metrics, such as Likes, which are otherwise known as Applause Rate.

Essentially, Applause Rate is the measurement of the number of approval actions (a like or a favorite) that a post from your dealership receives compared to the total number of followers your business has.

By calculating this metric, you’ll know more about the Applause Rate percentage of the content that your dealership posts on its social media profiles. That way, you can plan out your auto dealer’s posts based on the content that’s most popular with your followers, thereby increasing overall audience engagement.

How to Measure User Engagement Through Social Media

Why are social media data important? Not only do they provide new leads with reasons to follow your dealership, but they also help keep your regular customers loyal to your brand.

Aside from Applause Rate, there are a number of other crucial social media engagement measurements that you’ll want to keep track of, including:

Amplification Rate

If nothing else, social media is a perfect platform from which people can easily share their favorite posts, articles, and newsworthy events with their friends and family.

This metric is huge in determining how engaged your audience is with your business. If they’re willing to share the content that your dealership posted to social media, they’re more likely to be committed to your brand and recommend your business to their friends.

Start Measuring: Calculate the total number of shares your post received during a certain period of time. Then, divide the number of shares by your total number of followers. Finally, multiply the result of that calculation by 100, and you have your post’s Amplification Rate.

Average Engagement Rate

Social Media Data Is your audience listening? The Average Engagement Rate metric helps you determine whether your followers are engaged with your posts. This measurement calculates all the ways in which your followers interact with your dealership on social media.

Thanks to this metric, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how your audience responds to certain posts and types of content, so you can build an effective auto marketing campaign.

Start Measuring: Find the sum of the number of comments, posts, retweets, clicks, etc. that a particular post received. Much like the Amplification Rate calculation, you’ll want to then divide that sum by your total number of followers. Multiply that result by 100 to get your Average Engagement Rate.

Click-Through Rate

Although Click-Through Rate is one of the simplest ways to measure audience engagement, it’s also one of the most important. The more individuals who click on a link that you share on a social media post, the more likely they are to covert to customers.

Your dealership’s Click-Through Rate is an assessment of how many individuals click on your ad or content that’s displayed on social media. These advertisements typically link to your business’s website, which helps you get in front of the eyes of your ideal buyer.

Start Measuring: To measure the Click-Through Rate of your dealership’s posts or advertisements, calculate the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions (the total number of times your content was displayed on social media). Once you multiply the result of that calculation by 100, you’ll have your post’s Click-Through Rate.

Social Media Trends to Consider

Social media is a great marketing tool. It lets you potentially reach a larger audience for less than imagined, but the world of social media is always changing. Staying on top of the latest trends is a fast and easy way to make sure your posts are seen.

Here’s a quick look at some of the ways you can keep your social media campaign current with the latest trends!

Always Think Visually

Social Media Data Visuals are super important with your social media content. Photos can play a major role in how your content is seen and shared. For example, adding a photo to a tweet can boost the likelihood of it being retweeted by 34%.1

When possible, add a photo whenever possible. However, you’ll want to make sure your photos stay true to who you are as a brand. When someone looks at your social media feed, you want them to recognize that’s your dealership’s brand.

Short-Term Content

Creating posts on your social accounts is still a great option, but short-term, time-sensitive content is on the rise. A perfect example of this is Stories.

Stories are quick, 15-second posts that only appear on your page for 24 hours. After that, they’re automatically deleted. You can pin your favorite stories to your Instagram account to make them viewable past the 24-hour mark.

This can help your followers learn about the human side of your dealership, be the first to know about short-term sales, and quick updates about the inventory.

The Rise of Short-Form Video

TikTok has revolutionized how video is created and shared on social media. These 60-second videos—recently increased to 3-minute videos—are extremely engaging. Instagram has recently created Reels, a similar short-form video experience within the app.

This type of content has become so popular, in fact, that Instagram is shifting their focus. What once started out as a photo-sharing app is now spending more time focusing on video to better match other popular video sites like YouTube and TikTok.

Adding short-term video content into your social media campaign will help keep your dealership up to date with the latest trends.

Time Remains Important

While social media has shifted slightly to make it as visual and engaging as possible, one constant remains the same: time.

Finding a posting time that’s most engaging for your dealership is the key to running a successful campaign. When analyzing your social media data, you’ll likely notice certain days have different engagement times. Perhaps you see a small spike on Monday mornings while people are reading up on the latest happenings before work. Maybe there’s a steady amount of engagement throughout the weekend.

Finding a posting time that follows your dealership’s specific engagement plan will help set you up for long-term social media success.

Another time matter that remains important is responding to comments in a timely manner. Social media gives the power to the people to ask your dealership questions and open a chain of communication. Because of this, they expect quick responses.

Make sure you’re replying to comments and questions as soon as possible to let followers know you’re present within the community.

Tips for Increasing Social Media Engagement

Social Media Data After tracking your social media data, do you see room for improvement with social media engagement? Getting creative is an easy way to make your social campaign stand out and will likely increase engagement.

Here are some tips you can use that may help boost engagement with your ad:

  • Consider running contests: Running contests for discounted or complimentary services is a great way to increase engagement. Depending on the rules of the contest, you may see an increase in followers, likes, and comments. If your contest is promoted on social media and run on your website, you’ll also see an increase in website clicks—a double benefit!
  • Create open communication: One of the most-loved aspects of social media is that customers can interact directly with brands. Keep an open chain of communication by interacting with commenters, running polls, asking questions, and even running an AMA (Ask Me Anything) to help customers learn more about your brand.
  • Increase how often you post: Each social media platform has a different recommended number of posts per day. Generally, two to three posts a day is perfect for increasing engagement. With more posts, the higher the chances are of your posts being seen.

Still unsure how to increase engagement, or not seeing the results you want? Let the team of social media marketing experts at Aspen Automotive help! We can help you determine the best platform to use, provide specific tips and tricks, track analytics, and much more.

With the help of our team on your side, coaching your dealership every step along the way, you’re more likely to see the results you want.

Social Media Data: Measure User Engagement for Your Auto Marketing Campaign Today!

At Aspen Automotive, we believe that an informed dealership is a successful dealership. That’s why we’ve designed a lineup of advanced data-tracking technologies that are designed to provide your team with the social media insight you need to determine what automotive marketing tactics are best.

So, if you want to crack the code on the content that’s bound to excite your audience and encourage them to become customers at your dealership, give us a call or send us an email today!