Is Your Dealership Sending Relevant Emails?

Email MarketingEmail marketing is an effective way to reach members in your target audience and grow relationships, when done correctly. When done ineffectively, email marketing could be driving potential clients from your dealership. But how are you supposed to know if you’re sending effective emails?

That’s where our team at Aspen Automotive comes into play. Staffed with email marketing experts, we can help you easily determine if your dealership is sending relevant emails that help drive sales to your dealership. Curious to learn more? Keep reading!

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What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing BenefitsBefore we can determine if your dealership is sending relevant emails, we must talk about what exactly email marketing is. In simplest terms, email marketing is a form of internet marketing that includes sending information to clients via email.

The purpose of email marketing, as mentioned, is to build a relationship with your targeted audience and turn them into lifelong customers.

Email marketing is a highly effective form of marketing, as studies show that 91 percent of recipients check their email on a daily basis. For your dealership, that means that you have a higher chance of recipients seeing your email, therefore helping drive them to your dealership.

What’s the Importance of Relevant Emails?

Sure, you can send emails to recipients on your client list about whatever whenever, but chances are they won’t stick around on your email list very long. That’s why it’s important that your marketing campaign includes relevant information.

Relevant emails include content that your audience looks forward to seeing since it’s full of useful information. For example, if someone opts into your email list by providing contact information when downloading a Toyota RAV4 eBook, you know that they’re likely in the research stage of the car-buying experience.
For someone like this, they’ll likely want to learn more about the features of the vehicle, what services are offered, and will their eyes open for any financial incentives that could push them to finally buy the SUV. This can all easily be done through email marketing.

However, if this individual opts into your email list because they’re interested in the Toyota RAV4, but then they only receive information on inventory updates on unrelated vehicles, direction to your dealership, and other information similar to that, they’ll likely remove themselves from your email list because the content is not relevant to what they’re looking for.

Is Your Dealership Sending Relevant Emails?

Email CouponHere’s the big question: when you’re launching your email campaign, how do you make sure you’re providing relevant content? Some of the things you can make sure you’re doing in your email campaign includes:

  • Links to blogs that relate directly to your dealership
  • Special finance and service offers
  • Virtual vehicle tours, service tips, and other helpful videos

In a nutshell, your emails should contain information that’s important to your audience. This way, you’ll be viewed as a trustworthy source, creating a stronger brand image, and then driving sales for your dealership.

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