Best Email Marketing Practices

Email MarketingWhen you’re looking to start an automotive marketing campaign for your dealership, there are many options. One of these options is to utilize email marketing. Although, with individuals receiving over 100 emails a day, how are you supposed to make yours stand out?

At Aspen Automotive, we’ve mastered the art of email marketing and want to share this knowledge with you. In this reference guide, we’ll discuss the best email marketing practices so you can see the best ROI for your dealership. Let’s get started!

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What is Email Marketing

Email Target MarketingEmail marketing is a form of internet or digital marketing that includes sending emails to individuals. Your contact list can be created through newsletters, eBooks, and other content that requires potential customers to fill out a form with their contact information. Doing this runs you less of a risk of being marked as spam.

The purpose of email marketing is to grow a relationship with your target audience.

How to Send Effective Marketing Emails

Now, if you’re wondering, how do you send emails to your clients, it’s just as easy as sending an email to an old friend. You’ll want to be personable in your email, but also have a reason for sending the email.

Perhaps you’re informing your audience about all the new vehicles coming to your inventory over the next few weeks, or maybe you’re sending a list of service specials to expect in the upcoming month.

Once you’ve decided what content you’re sharing with your audience, you’ll want to refer back to your contact list. Now’s the time to decide if you want to send a mass email to everyone on your contact list or if you want to segment your list for an even more targeted campaign.

Credit Data TargetingSegmented contact lists essentially are just smaller groups within your lists. Some examples of email marketing segments your list may have include:

  • Average income
  • Credit scores
  • Age
  • Marital status

By segmenting, you can more specifically tune your emails to your audience. For example, individuals with lower credit scores could receive mail about your flexible financing programs.

Best Email Marketing Practices

Now that you have a better idea of what email marketing is and how you send emails, let’s take a look at some of the best email marketing practices so your dealership can see the best results!

Avoid ‘No-Reply’ Email Addresses

When you send emails to recipients on your contact list, they reserve the right to opt out of your emails at any time. When ‘no-reply’ is the sender, it prevents the recipient from replying to your email or opting out.

Having a sender like is against the CAN-SPAM legislation, which could result in legal actions.

Keep Calls to Action Above the Fold

Dealership IncentiveThe term above the fold refers to the age of newspapers. When the newspaper was folded, you wanted the most important information to fall above that fold line. That way the readers would see it, even if they didn’t open the newspaper.

In terms of email marketing, this area refers to the top 200-250 px of your email.

Use Incentives

The bottom line is that people like stuff, especially when it’s free. So, including an incentive in your subject line—like “Save $100 Now” or “Free Oil Change with Purchase”—can increase open rates by up to 50 percent.

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