Automotive Direct Mail During COVID-19

Direct Mail COVID-19The COVID-19 crisis has brought a new normal to every industry and every household. What was once a high-touch, social environment is now a socially distant, masked public arena that’s longing for some kind of safe connection to the outside world. As marketers, it’s our responsibility to give our customers exactly that, especially during these unprecedented times.

As one of the most personal and memorable forms of automotive marketing, direct mail provides our valuable customers with a touchpoint of communication in a time when we’re cut off from the familiar and the comforting.

To learn more about how to navigate our current climate with direct mail by your side, take a look at this helpful guide from the team at Aspen Automotive.

Direct Mail Tips for Dealerships During COVID-19

Car Dealer Mail Due to the uncertainty of these times, let’s begin by running through some of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers in a way that’s both personal and profitable for your dealership.

Keep an Open Line of Communication

There’s nothing straightforward about the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, it’s never been more important to establish a regular line of communication with your consumers. However, you want to avoid sending the same message as your competitors.

One way to do this is to continue to target intent-heavy buyers with special offers that highlight ways for them to take advantage of the offer from home. That way, you’ll sidestep wasting any of your budget sending the wrong message to a lead who may not be prepared to buy.

Although most states have reopened and many dealerships are back to somewhat normal operating hours, it’s essential to give your audience a way to engage online.

For instance, if your dealership offers an online car-buying platform, this is a feature that should be readily highlighted in your direct mailers. As a result, high-risk buyers can still shop for their new vehicle without visiting your showroom in person.

Focus on Mood Boosters

Automotive CouponEveryone loves gifts. So, what better way to stay present in your buyer’s mind than with a marketing care package? Some of the best promotional or branded items to include in a customer care package could be something like:

  • A branded coffee mug
  • Snacks
  • Face masks
  • Online coupons and more

If you’re looking for a small direct mailer to send to current and prospective customers consider a postcard featuring some of your team’s favorite work-from-home tips. These thoughtful gestures help your audience feel cared for and supported during uncertain times.

In addition, cancelled events can easily be transformed into “virtual events” by sending your expected attendees a box filled with relevant materials about the unveiling of a brand-new model, for instance. That way, your customers will still feel included in a special event held by your dealership.

3.) Position Your Dealership as a Resource

COVID Car DealsUnexpected events bring about all sorts of questions. That’s why it’s crucial to act as a trustworthy authority that can answer any/all questions that your consumers may have.

To put this into perspective, let’s say that, due to COVID-19, your customers have to put off an upcoming oil change or delay an important repair. As an automotive resource, your dealership can relieve any uncertainty that your customers are feeling by sending them an FAQ about what services can wait until your dealership reopens.

On top of that, upon reopening, consider designing an automotive direct mailer that lists all of the precautions that your team is taking to stop the spread, whether that’s disinfecting after service, requiring masks to be worn at your facility, or more.

Find Out More About Direct Mail During COVID-19

At Aspen Automotive, we’re here to help dealerships across the United States and beyond continue to drive success during COVID-19. So, if you’re looking for a unique way to connect with your consumers while abiding by your state’s COVID guidelines, it’s time for you to get in touch with our team.

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