What is Informed Delivery?

Direct Mail Marketing Delivery

Knowledge is power. Having the knowledge of what mail will be in the mailbox of a recipient each evening is a powerful benefit that consumers have access through courtesy of the informed delivery feature offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

At Aspen Automotive, we’re all about delivering successful direct mail marketing campaigns. With this new innovation, we can help set you up for success, even when the recipient can’t get to their mailbox right away. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Informed Delivery?

Informed delivery is a mobile-friendly feature offered by the USPS. This feature allows individuals to check their mail on their phone, computer, or tablet from anywhere in the world. That’s because this system will scan the front of letter-sized pieces of mail and then upload it to this free service.

The benefit? Individuals can see what’s expected to come in the mail anytime, anywhere.

What Does it Look Like?

Mail ListWhen an individual logs into their informed delivery account, they’ll view a greyscale image of the address side of a piece of mail, although, users can choose to view the color version of mail.

Each day, members of a household can log into their informed delivery account to see what mail is expected to appear in their mailbox later in the day.

Benefits of Using Informed Delivery

There are many reasons why informed delivery is recommended for marketing campaigns. First, informed delivery is accessible to consumers at any time.

Say you’re running a time-sensitive promotion at your dealership where recipients can claim a coupon online. The only problem is a recipient is on vacation and can’t check her mail. Thanks to informed delivery, she can view her mail while away and still claim the promotion.

Similarly, if you’re having a limited promotion for a handful of clients, informed delivery allows recipients to take action earlier than if they checked their mailbox at the end of the day, giving them the opportunity to claim the promotion right away instead of waiting.

Other benefits of using informed delivery include1:

  • Increased interaction with consumer and their mail
  • Digital communication and physical communication
  • 63% daily notification open rate
  • Potentially higher return on investment

How Aspen Automotive Can Help Create a Campaign

Email Marketing DataCreating an eye-catching marketing campaign is what our experts live to do. With the innovation of informed delivery, we can help you create a direct mailer that’s optimized to stand out from the other mailers someone may get in a day.

Some of the ways we can help you create your informed delivery campaign include:

  • Optimizing mailer: Since informed delivery shows the front of a letter-sized piece of mail, our marketing and design team can create a mailer that adheres to their guidelines that not only portrays the necessary information but also looks great visually.
  • Create engaging CTAs: Informed delivery allows marketers to include a digital CTA (call to action) that goes along with your content. This CTA can link directly to a portion of your website where you want to direct traffic.
  • Track your data: We can help you measure your informed delivery performance to see where your campaigns are thriving and where improvements can be made.

With our help, you’re likely to see potentially increased ROIs for your next marketing campaign.

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